Bezos promises independence and optimism for the Post's future

By Marc Castro

Sep 05, 2013 09:43 AM EDT

Jeff Bezos, the owner to be of Washington Post, they did not provide specifics about the future path for the newspaper as he met with the newspaper's editorial staff last Monday in a town hall meeting.

What he did assure the members of the Post that all is not lost for the legacy journalism which the Post has long been known for throughout its operations. Even with the dramatic changes currently being done in the media landscape, Bezos assured the paper's staff that the Washington Post has a future. He said that if the mission was hopeless, he would not have purchased the paper.

Only time will tell on how the CEO of and the current leadership of the Washington Post would find the way the paper adapts to the digital age. What Bezos shared though is an excitement for everyone who wants to do quality journalism not just for the paper but for all the paper all across the country.

Bezos purchased the post for USD250 million from the Graham family. His message resonated with the promise of independent journalism as well as the optimism for the Washington Post as it heads towards the future.

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