Bruce Willis' Sky broadband commercial gets banned in UK

By IVCPOST Staff Reporter

Aug 15, 2013 06:33 AM EDT

'Die Hard' star Bruce Willis' television commercial was banned from Britain's airwaves. According to Advertising Standards Authority, Willis' advertisement for Sky broadband used misleading pricing information. Sky broadband is a product of British Sky Broadcasting Group PLC.

The advertising regulator said that the television ad was not adequately clear. This was after the advertising watchdog received a complaint from a viewer.

The commercial showcased Willis complaining about his current provider's internet speed. A character suggested Sky Broadband's service and said, "Sky Broadband Unlimited is USD11.60 or GBP7.50 a month, which is less than half BT's standard price."

However, an on-screen text said the contract was only for the current Sky TV customers. The commercial also showed another on-screen text saying the users needed to buy the Sky Talk, calls and line rental for GBP14.50 per month. This would allow them to use the services of Sky broadband. The prices of Sky TV started at GBP21.50 each month.

ASA noted the small print at the bottom of the screen cannot convey the true terms and conditions of enrolling in the broadband service. It added that the note at the TV ad "would by its nature be significantly less prominent than a claim made in a voice-over, and was therefore not an appropriate method of communicating material information relating to the GBP7.50 price claim".

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