TikToker Lai Yi Jing Exposes Scammer Promising $9,000 in Return for Sexual Photoshoot Involving 50 Men

By Thea Felicity

Jul 08, 2024 01:27 PM EDT

TikToker Exposes Scammer Promising $9,000 in Return for Sexual Photoshoot Involving 50 Men
Screenshot from @y1jingg Official TikTok Video
(Photo : @y1jingg / TikTok)

A TikTok video warning about a sexually suggestive photo shoot offer has gone viral in Singapore, targeting women for money.

According to the South China Morning Post, junior designer Lai Yi Jing, 21, shared her experience receiving an email from a man named "Gavin Choo," who claimed to be a freelance photographer. The man offered her S$8,000 ($5,900) to participate in a "clothed" indoor photo shoot with a "unique concept." 

However, upon further inquiry, Lai discovered that the shoot would involve 50 men performing a sexual act.

"If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is," she warned in her video. Her post quickly went viral, amassing over 174,000 views and 250 comments, with many users expressing shock and sharing similar experiences.

Despite raising the offer to S$12,000 ($8,900), Lai refused and took to TikTok to raise awareness about the disturbing proposition. 

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Gavin Choo's TikTok Scheme

In the comments section, several TikTok users revealed that they had also been approached for similar photo shoots through email or direct messages on social media. Some recounted past incidents involving the same scam, indicating that such offers have been circulating for years. 

The disturbing nature of these propositions has led many to urge Lai to report the incident to the authorities.

While she initially felt there was no point in reporting the incident to the police, she now believes it is essential for the authorities to investigate further to prevent future victims. Under Singapore's Films Act and Undesirable Publications Act, creating or distributing obscene content is illegal, with severe penalties for those found guilty.

The Singapore Police Force has been contacted for clarification on actions that can be taken against such perpetrators.

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