Family Sues Oregon’s Oaks Amusement Park Over Ride Malfunction, Seeks $125K in Damages

By Madz Dizon

Jun 22, 2024 02:55 AM EDT

Family Sues Oregon’s Oaks Amusement Park Over Ride Malfunction, Seeks $125K in Damages
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An Oregon mom has taken legal action against the amusement park where her 14-year-old daughter and numerous other individuals experienced a harrowing incident of being trapped upside down on a ride for a duration of 30 minutes.

Mom Sues Amusement Park

On June 14, emergency crews in Oregon responded to a ride malfunction at Oaks Park.

Approximately 30 individuals found themselves suspended in mid-air, upside down, while aboard the AtmosFEAR ride. The ride swings riders around in a complete 360-degree motion at the top. However, it became trapped at the highest point.

Fire crews diligently worked to safely lower the ride, ready to perform a high-angle rope rescue if needed. After approximately 30 minutes, the crew successfully brought down the ride and safely evacuated the adventurous individuals.

According to KATU, Amy Yanotta has recently taken legal action following an incident involving her 14-year-old daughter.

Oregon Mom Says Oaks Amusement Park Riders Should be Compensated

Yannotta expressed the belief that his daughter and possibly other riders should receive compensation for the distress they went through, according to the outlet.

The teenager experienced various physical symptoms, including abrasions, soreness, body aches, dizziness, increased heart rate, and internal pressure. The mother also mentioned that her daughter is experiencing post-traumatic stress and anxiety as a result of the incident.

Many of the children experienced headaches, with Evie's being particularly severe during the first two days. Gradually, the frequency of that has decreased. She continues to experience some discomfort. The mother mentioned that her daughter had some marks on her neck from the harness.

The lawsuit claims that the park's alleged negligence is the reason behind the ride getting stuck. The lawsuit is seeking a maximum of $125,000 in damages due to the incident.

Authorities are currently conducting investigations into the cause of the ride malfunction.

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