Brian Wilson to join the Dodgers

By IVCPOST Staff Reporter

Jul 31, 2013 06:51 AM EDT

Brian Wilson will be joining the Los Angeles Dodgers, after the team reached an agreement to sign the reliever Wilson. The deal was worth US$1 million plus performance bonuses, according to Jim Bowden of ESPN from a team source.

However, Wilson will first be sent to a league rehab assignment prior to actually joining in the team. Wilson had not pitched since April 2012, when he had a Tommy John surgery. A Tommy John surgery which was a kind of elbow surgery. Since then, he has not been offered any contract. He was, however, able to make SU$85 million in 2012. So, now, the Wilson will be playing for their archrivals instead.

The LA Dodgers was ranked no. 1 by ESPN as paying the biggest salaries to its team members. The Dodgers has US$220,395,196 for 2013. This was due to trades, contract extensions, and free agent signings. In 2012, the team had an opening day payroll of US$105 million. Its highest paid member is Adrian Gonzales with US$21,857,143.

The team's value, according to Forbes, was at US$1.615 million. It has revenue of US$245 million, operating income of US3.2 million, and player expenses amounting to US137 million. The team, and its stadium, was acquired by Guggenheim Baseball for US$2 billion in May 2012. 

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