McDonald's Adds New 'Grandma McFlurry' to Its Dessert Menu for Limited Time

By Jace Dela Cruz

May 20, 2024 01:54 AM EDT

McDonald's is introducing a new limited-time dessert called the "Grandma McFlurry" to honor and celebrate grandmothers.

McDonald's Unveils New Grandma McFlurry

According to McDonald's, this latest dessert features vanilla soft serve, syrup, and chopped, crunchy candy pieces reminiscent of the sweets grandmas often carry in their purses.

Tariq Hassan, McDonald's Chief Marketing and Customer Experience Officer, said Grandma McFlurry aims to evoke nostalgic memories. Hassan added that grandmothers are now influencing fashion, decor, and food trends. 

"Grandmas have always held a special place in our hearts, and today they're having a major moment influencing culture - inspiring trends in fashion, decor and now, even food with our newest McFlurry," said Hassan in a press statement.

"The Grandma McFlurry tastes like a trip down memory lane, and we're excited to give our fans that experience while honoring the grandma-figure in all our lives," he added.

You can share this sweet treat with your grandma or grandma-figure in your life starting May 21.

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McDonald’s Introduces New Grandma McFlurry® as a Sweet Ode to Grandmas, Everywhere

(Photo : McDonald’s)

Grandma's McFlurry Mobile

The company has partnered with artists Remi Wolf and Jay Wheeler to remake classic songs in honor of the new dessert. Wolf will cover "How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved by You)," which will be available on music platforms starting May 21, while Wheeler will offer a new take on the Latin song "Piel Canela."

McDonald's has also rolled out Grandma's McFlurry Mobile, an ice cream truck offering free samples of the new McFlurry. The truck made stops around New York City on May 17 and 18, including visits to senior centers and assisted living homes.  

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