Donald Trump's Truth Social Site Traffic Increases 55%, Stock Skyrockets at 138%

By Madz Dizon

May 15, 2024 03:06 AM EDT

Donald Trump's Truth Social Site Traffic Increases 55%, Stock Skyrockets at 138%
This illustration photo shows Donald Trump's new social media app Truth SocialÕs logo on a smartphone in Los Angeles, February 21, 2022.
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Truth Social, operated by Trump Media & Technology Group Corp, has experienced significant volatility since its public debut in March. 

According to Yahoo, Truth Social's stock surged to a peak of $79.38 following its IPO before enduring a month-long decline to $22.55. 

Truth Social Stock Surges

However, the stock has since rebounded dramatically, soaring as much as 138% from its lows. It closed at over $54 last Thursday before settling at $50.99 on Friday.

This rollercoaster ride in the stock market can be attributed to two main factors. The company's valuation was deemed excessively high post-IPO, reaching over $8 billion despite generating only $751,000 in revenue for the quarter ending in December and reporting a $9 million loss.

According to Axios, Truth Social has approximately five million monthly active users, a modest figure compared to major social media platforms.

At the core of this financial drama is former President Donald Trump's significant ownership stake in the company, which stands at nearly 65%. 

Based on Friday's closing price, Trump's shares are valued at an impressive $5.85 billion. Despite Trump Media's relatively modest financial performance, with $4.1 million in revenue and a net loss of $58.2 million in 2023, investor sentiment remains high. 

This enthusiasm is driven more by political and symbolic factors than by traditional financial metrics.

Truth Social carves out a unique niche in the social media landscape, distinct from giants like Facebook and Reddit. While user activity has recently shown a decline, according to research firm Similarweb, investor interest in Trump Media remains strong.

This interest transcends conventional metrics, propelled by symbolic support for Trump's political endeavors and speculation on the company's potential for innovation in the digital space.

The stock's volatile path since Trump Media's merger with a special-purpose acquisition company (SPAC) in March highlights the speculative nature of its market movements. 

Shares have fluctuated between $23 and $66, reflecting investor uncertainty about the company's future prospects.

Adding another layer of complexity, Trump is currently restricted by a six-month lockup period, preventing him from selling his shares until September. 

However, there is ongoing speculation about Trump potentially seeking a waiver from the company's board, which includes one of his sons and several former administration officials. 

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Investors' Interest on Trump Media

According to the UBJ via MSN, this period of intense investor interest and scrutiny will likely see Trump Media's trajectory influenced by market dynamics, political developments, and the company's strategic decisions.

Despite the financial performance not fully justifying the high stock prices, investor enthusiasm is driven by symbolic factors. 

Trump Media's association with the former president, a polarizing figure in American politics, has undoubtedly enhanced its appeal among certain investor segments. 

Furthermore, the potential for Truth Social to emerge as a disruptive force in the social media industry has fueled optimism about the company's long-term prospects.

As Trump Media's story continues to evolve, investors will be keenly watching developments related to the company's leadership, strategic direction, and regulatory landscape. 

While the stock's dramatic rise raises questions about its sustainability, it currently stands as a powerful symbol of the intersection between politics and finance in the modern world.

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