Ohio Bar Sparks Controversy Over New Age Policy During Weekends Amid Rising Violence

By Madz Dizon

May 15, 2024 02:09 AM EDT

A bar in Ohio has ignited a contentious discussion and faced allegations of age discrimination due to its decision to prohibit individuals under the age of 30 from entering on weekends. 

This measure was implemented in response to a violent incident that occurred in the parking lot, involving people who were engaged in a naked brawl.

Groveport Bar Limits Entry to 30 and Older on Weekends

Donerick's Pub in Groveport recently implemented a new policy for Friday and Saturday nights, catering specifically to individuals aged 30 and above. 

The decision was made in response to some incidents that occurred at the establishment, with the intention of creating a more orderly environment.

There is some confusion surrounding the incident that supposedly led to the ban, as Facebook users have mentioned a fight that occurred inside the bar a few weeks ago.

According to Daily Mail, the bar expressed their commitment to implementing various measures to ensure the safety of their establishment and reduce incidents of violence.

Several residents expressed their concern that the ban is unjustly affecting innocent individuals. One resident even described it as unfortunate that a single incident has had such a widespread impact on the entire business community.

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Dress Code Proposal Follows Disturbing Incident at Local Bar

Several customers proposed implementing a dress code to deter the violence.  However, one individual expressed skepticism, recounting an incident outside the bar involving a woman who was completely unclothed.

The incident was recorded on video and shared on Instagram two weeks ago, with the location tagged as the local bar and the caption describing the woman as being completely unclothed.

In the video, a woman can be seen engaging in a physical altercation with another woman, while a third person joins in by striking the first woman's back. 

The incident takes place in a parking lot that is used by multiple businesses, including Donerick's as per New York Post.

Other people then intervene and attempt to separate the women involved before the video concludes. Commenters in the Facebook post, on the other hand, engaged in a heated exchange of words.

Many people who are allowed to enter the bar praised the establishment for the change - with some even suggesting that they should consider raising the age limit to 35 and above, or even 40 and above.

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