Black Hole ChatGPT? OpenAI Explains Reason Behind New Logo

By Giuliano De Leon

May 13, 2024 04:40 PM EDT

OpenAI unveiled a new app and interface for its popular conversational AI model, ChatGPT. The new version is called "ChatGPT-4o." But unlike the existing ChatGPT, this model has a new logo: a black hole.

Black Hole ChatGPT? OpenAI Explains Reason Behind New Logo
A photo taken on November 23, 2023 shows the logo of the ChatGPT application developed by US artificial intelligence research organization OpenAI on a laptop screen (R) and the letters AI on a smartphone screen in Frankfurt am Main, western Germany.
(Photo : KIRILL KUDRYAVTSEV/AFP via Getty Images)

Black Hole ChatGPT? OpenAI Explains Reason Behind New Logo

OpenAI CTO Mira Murati explained the reason behind the new black hole logo for ChatGPT. During the unveiling, she said they wanted to make the interaction between users and the new ChatGPT more natural.

"We know that these models get more and more complex, but we want the experience of interaction to actually become more natural, easy, and for you not to focus on the UI at all," she explained via TechCrunch.

Because of this, they decided to make the new logo for the ChatGPT-4o a black hole. But, its meaning would still depend on how users perceive it.

Some experts said that the new logo reinforces the idea of conversation and collaboration because it changes into a waveform when the AI is speaking. Meanwhile, others said it makes users feel they are not alone since the circle is in an empty rectangle.

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About New ChatGPT-4o

According to Euro News' latest report, the new ChatGPT-4o is a faster version of ChatGPT-4 and provides better video, audio, and text outputs.

During the demonstration, Murati used the new ChatGPT AI model to instantaneously translate her Italian speech, saying that this artificial intelligence is a huge step forward. 

The new ChatGPT-4o generates text, audio, and video results, and It also has a voice mode that can read users' body motions, including their heavy breathing.

These are just some of the things that the new ChatGPT can do. Users are still waiting for the latest version to be rolled out.

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