ChatGPT’s Major Update Will Let Chatbot Remember Every User Details Provided

By Madz Dizon

Apr 30, 2024 01:00 AM EDT

ChatGPT’s Major Update Will Let Chatbot Remember Every User Details Provided
This illustration photograph taken on October 30, 2023, shows the logo of ChatGPT, a language model-based chatbot developed by OpenAI, on a smartphone in Mulhouse, eastern France.
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Today, the availability of Memory for all ChatGPT Plus users brings a touch of authenticity to artificial intelligence.

Following a period of extensive testing in both the free and pay versions of the generative AI chatbot, OpenAI has made the decision to activate the feature exclusively for paying customers in all regions, with the exception of Korea and Europe.

ChatGPT Plus New Feature

ChatGPT's memory is precisely as its name suggests.  Through prompt-driven "conversations" with the AI, ChatGPT Plus has gained the ability to retain important information from previous interactions, such as details about you, and utilize that knowledge in future conversations. 

In other words, ChatGPT Plus has transformed from a casual acquaintance to a caring friend who remembers important details like your upcoming birthday or your new furry companion. Users have the option to instruct the system to remember information or provide factual details about themselves.

ChatGPT now has the ability to retain instructions throughout multiple conversations. This feature, known as Memory, is currently exclusive to ChatGPT Plus subscribers, who are paying users, according to Tech Radar.

The feature was announced earlier this year and was initially only accessible to a select group of testers.  The company's announcement states, "Memory is now accessible to all ChatGPT Plus users."

Using Memory is a simple process: simply initiate a fresh conversation and provide ChatGPT with any information you wish it to retain. 

Memory can be enabled or disabled in the settings and is currently unavailable in Europe or Korea. Team, Enterprise, and GPTs are on the way.

Understanding your preferences allows ChatGPT to provide more personalized responses. ChatGPT can be instructed to remember specific information or it can learn from your conversations, similar to how other apps utilize their algorithms. 

This feature allows ChatGPT to remember your preferences and instructions, eliminating the need for you to repeat them each time you begin a conversation.

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ChatGPT Users Can Still Control Details Saved in Chatbot

According to Fast Company, users still have the ability to control the information that ChatGPT retains about them. 

Therefore, individuals have the ability to control the AI tool's memory, deciding what it should retain and what it should discard. 

The feature can be completely disabled as well. To disable it, simply navigate to Settings > Personalization > Memory and turn it off.

You have the opportunity to contribute to ChatGPT Plus by sharing personal information that you would like it to retain.  By doing so, you'll notice that it can provide answers when you inquire about your age or place of residence. 

ChatGPT will also utilize the provided information in conjunction with future inquiries, potentially streamlining your conversation and enhancing the accuracy and usefulness of the results.

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