Maryland Signs Anti-Speculative Ticketing Bill to Outlaw Suspicious Fees on Concert Tickets

By Madz Dizon

May 10, 2024 10:22 PM EDT

Maryland Signs Anti-Speculative Ticketing Bill to Outlaw Suspicious Fees on Concert Tickets

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Maryland passed a new ticketing bill that will put an end to some of the deceptive practices commonly seen in the live music industry. These practices include hidden fees and speculative ticket listings.

Maryland Passes Ticket Transparency Law

The legislation is the most recent effort to address the issue of unfair ticketing practices, which has received considerable attention following the sale of Taylor Swift's Eras tour tickets in 2022. 

The legislation was signed by Maryland governor Wes Moore on Thursday afternoon, several weeks after it initially passed through the state's senate, which aims to increase transparency in ticket pricing and prevent resellers from selling the same ticket multiple times.

Additional charges added to ticket prices are a commonly criticized part of the purchasing process for customers, Rolling Stone reported. 

However, with Maryland's new law mandating an all-in pricing system, fans now have the advantage of seeing the total price they will pay upfront, rather than having it sneakily added at the end of their purchase.

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Heavy Fines for Resale Platforms in Maryland

Sellers will no longer be allowed to sell tickets that they do not currently have in their possession.

Additionally, resellers must provide full transparency regarding the ticket price, ensuring that customers are aware of all taxes and fees. 

According to NBC News, refunds should be provided to ticket purchasers in cases where a ticket is found to be counterfeit, if the event gets canceled, or if the ticket does not match the advertised description.

Resale platforms that are found selling spec tickets in Maryland could face significant penalties. For a first offense, the penalties can go up to $10,000, and for each subsequent violation, the amount increases to $25,000.

The law will be implemented starting from July 1. Maryland is set to make history by implementing fines for resellers and platforms that engage in the sale of speculative tickets.

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