Boeing Faces New FAA Investigation After Admitting Possibly Missing Required 787 Dreamline Inspections

By Giuliano De Leon

May 06, 2024 07:03 PM EDT

Boeing is facing a new FAA investigation. The probe was triggered after the American aircraft manufacturer admitted that it might have missed some required 787 Dreamliner inspections.

Boeing Faces New FAA Investigation After Admitting Possibly Missing Required 787 Dreamline Inspections
Boeing 787 Dreamliners are built at the aviation company's North Charleston, South Carolina, assembly plant on May 30, 2023. The plant is located on the grounds of the joint-use Charleston Air Force Base and Charleston International Airport.
(Photo : JULIETTE MICHEL/AFP via Getty Images)

Boeing Faces New FAA Investigation

Fox Business reported that The Federal Aviation Administration is conducting a new investigation into Boeing. An FAA spokesperson said the aircraft maker voluntarily informed them it may have missed some inspections to confirm adequate bonding and grounding where the 787 Dreamliner wings join the fuselage.

The FAA official added that their investigation is focusing on whether Boeing completed the needed 787 Dreamliner quality inspections and whether the manufacturer's employees falsified airplane records.

"As the investigation continues, the FAA will take any necessary action - as always - to ensure the safety of the flying public," said the official.

The FAA spokesperson further noted that Boeing, in a proactive move, conducted checks on all 787 Dreamliners within the production system as part of the investigation. This was done to ensure the creation of a safe plane to address the in-service fleet.

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What Boeing Says About The New Issue

According to Yahoo News' latest report, a Boeing spokesperson shared a copy of 787 Program Head Scott Stocker's email and clarified that there's no immediate risk for the passenger airplane fleet.

In his email, Scott Stocker said that the potential missed 787 Dreamliner inspections came to light after an employee reported the issue to their manager. He thanked the employee for sharing the critical information with the management.

The Boeing official said they quickly reviewed the matter after receiving the report. He added that they learned that some employees violated the company's policies by avoiding conducting the required tests.

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