Elon Musk Sees Superhuman AI Development Next Year With His xAI Company Leading The Race

By Thea Felicity

Apr 09, 2024 02:05 PM EDT

KRAKOW, POLAND - JANUARY 22: SpaceX, X (formerly known as Twitter), and Tesla CEO Elon Musk speaks during live interview with Ben Shapiro at the symposium on fighting antisemitism on January 22, 2024 in Krakow, Poland. The symposium on anti-semitism, organized by the European Jewish Association, was held ahead of international Holocaust remembrance day on January 27.
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Elon Musk has projected that superhuman artificial intelligence, surpassing human intellect, could become a reality as early as next year. 

"My guess is that we'll have AI that is smarter than any one human probably around the end of next year," Musk stated in a live-streamed interview on X.

Interestingly, The Guardian pointed out that Musk's prediction is a notable acceleration from his previous estimate of achieving superintelligent AI by 2029. While "superhuman" AI denotes surpassing individual human abilities, "superintelligent" AI signifies exceeding humanity's collective cognitive power.

He cited the importance of potential advancements in AI but warned about upcoming difficulties. Specifically, Musk pointed out two major issues: high-powered AI training chips shortages and an increasing electricity demand. These challenges could hinder the development of AI shortly.

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Recently, VCPost reported that he even called AI as humanity's doom, but it's "worth the risk."

True to his words, Elon Musk's venture into AI development has been characterized by a blend of ambition and caution. Back in 2023, he voiced worries regarding the potential societal impacts of highly advanced AI. 

To address these concerns, he founded xAI, his own AI startup, to guide AI development towards positive outcomes. Despite encountering previous challenges and misunderstandings, Musk persists in his dedication to pushing forward the frontiers of AI.

For context, xAI, Elon Musk's AI startup, focuses on developing artificial intelligence technologies with a particular emphasis on safety and ethical considerations. It is collaborating with other organizations and experts in the field to promote best practices and standards for AI development and deployment.

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