Solar Eclipse 2024 Drives Hotel Bookings to 900% as US Braces for Skywatchers Frenzy

By Giuliano De Leon

Apr 04, 2024 03:59 AM EDT

Hotel Bookings Increase by 900%, Thanks To Solar Eclipse 2024
The moon crosses in front of the sun during the annular solar eclipse in Penonome, Panama, on October 14, 2023.
(Photo : Photo by LUIS ACOSTA/AFP via Getty Images)

Hotel bookings in the US are drastically increasing, thanks to the upcoming solar eclipse. Hotels and other overnight accommodations in the solar eclipse path are mostly fully booked.

Although this forces many Americans to find other ways to enjoy the space event, the drastic increase in travel bookings greatly benefits hotels and other accommodations.

Hotel Bookings Increase by 900% Ahead of Total Solar Eclipse

According to Fox Business' latest report, the solar eclipse on Apr. 8 will appear in Missouri. After that, it is projected to pass through Mexico and Texas.

The solar eclipse will pass through 14 states in the US before crossing Maine into Canada. This means that all hotels and accommodations in these states are experiencing a drastic increase in bookings.

One of them is the Town House Inn, which is located just outside Cape Girardeau, Missouri. The inn's general manager, Gregorio Strayhorn, said that people started booking their rooms in 2023 for the solar eclipse.

Because of the high booking demands, many hotels on the path of the solar eclipse increased their room rates by 14% to 249%. Despite these price hikes, travel bookings in the solar eclipse's path have increased by an average of 900%.

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Other Businesses Benefit From Solar Eclipse 2024

Aside from hotels, car rentals are also greatly benefiting from the upcoming solar eclipse. Fox 7 Austin reported that rental car companies across Texas are fully booked due to the high demand.

Jonel Decius, the manager of Easirent Car Rental, shared their experience.

"We have actually had a lot of people calling in to confirm and verify their reservations," he said.

"We do advise them that we have increased our fleets, so we can have those vehicles available for the time being," added Jonel.

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