Generative AI Tops Indeed's List of Highest-Paid Tech Skills — And It Can Pay a Six-Figure Salary a Year

By Jace Dela Cruz

Apr 03, 2024 02:58 AM EDT

Among the highest-paid tech skills, generative AI has emerged as number 1, with salaries exceeding $150,000 a year, according to a recent report by job search site Indeed. 


(Photo : Mohamed Hassan from Pixabay)

Tech Layoffs

Despite the general optimism about job prospects in 2024, recent turbulence in the tech sector has left many workers and job seekers uneasy. 

According to Indeed, while tech jobs were once highly sought-after, recent layoffs and uncertainties have cast a shadow over the industry's reputation, 

Although there were significantly fewer layoffs in January 2024 compared to the previous year, concerns remain about the stability of tech employment. 

Some sources warn of potential "rolling" or "tiered" layoffs, while others consider the situation a natural adjustment to the industry's changing landscape.

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The Rise of Generative AI

One undeniable trend is the growing importance of generative AI across various sectors, particularly in the tech industry. This shift highlights the need for tech workers to adapt and acquire skills relevant to this evolving landscape.

The January jobs report indicates a strong start to the year with many job openings. However, tech professionals should now focus on refining their skills and positioning themselves strategically in the job market.

Employers seeking candidates with generative AI expertise often hire machine learning engineers, data scientists, and software engineers. These positions offer an average salary potential of $174,727, reflecting the high demand for AI proficiency.

Indeed's report noted that "half of the highest-paid skills in tech are AI-specific, which suggests that job seekers with AI skills can stand out in a competitive job market and potentially earn more than their counterparts."

"While we're seeing tech layoffs make headlines, many of the companies conducting layoffs are shifting their focus to AI-related efforts, which is why we are seeing an uptick in demand for these skills and roles, even at companies conducting layoffs," it added.

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