China Enacts Law for Private Firms to Boost Nation Confidence and Improved Innovation

By Thea Felicity

Feb 21, 2024 02:13 PM EST

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People walk past a Baidu logo outside the company headquarters in Beijing on February 2, 2024.

China is taking strides to bolster its private sector economy by initiating a new law to promote development and instill confidence in the market. 

According to The Business Times, the law, currently in the drafting phase, is designed to address key concerns of private companies. This includes safeguarding property rights, protecting entrepreneurs' interests, and addressing payment issues for small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

The announcement underscores the government's commitment to providing a conducive environment for thriving private businesses. Ultimately, China's new law aims to ensure stability and consistency in policy implementation, foster innovation, and promote equal treatment of state-owned and private enterprises.

This legislative initiative aligns with China's broader economic objectives of improving productivity and revitalizing confidence amid deflationary pressures and a sluggish real estate market.

Now, the inclusion of the law in the national parliament's legislative plan signifies its importance as a priority agenda item for the government.

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For Private Firms in China

Now on its way to addressing the needs of China's private firms, the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) has committed to expediting the legislative process.

This means that there will be preliminary research to be conducted by relevant departments to further underscore the government's proactive approach in formulating policies conducive to private sector growth.

All in all, analysts believe that China's move to draft a law to protect private firms signifies a significant step towards fostering a dynamic and resilient private sector. 

For a country like China and others of its kind in Asia, it's essential to sustainable economic growth and innovation for all private sectors.

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