Over 60,000 Entertainment Jobs in California Are Likely To Be Disrupted by AI - Study

By Jace Dela Cruz

Jan 31, 2024 12:27 AM EST

A recent study predicts that around 62,000 entertainment jobs in California, spanning film, TV, music, and gaming, are likely to face disruption due to the increasing influence of artificial intelligence (AI) within the next three years, according to a report by Los Angeles Times.

The report suggests that within the same timeframe, approximately 204,000 entertainment jobs across the United States will be impacted by AI. 

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The Effects of AI on the Entertainment Business

Conducted by consulting firm CVL Economics, the study surveyed 300 leaders in the entertainment industry, including C-Suite executives, senior executives, and mid-level managers and producers. 

The research, commissioned by organizations such as the Animation Guild and the National Cartoonists Society Foundation, aims to analyze the effects of generative AI usage in the entertainment business.

The Animation Guild plans to utilize the study's findings to shape its bargaining strategy and goals. Brandon Jarratt, a member of the Animation Guild's executive board and AI task force, emphasizes the importance of understanding industry leaders' attitudes toward AI, especially concerning contractual language around technological change.

The report sheds light on the perspectives of powerful industry figures regarding AI. It underscores the industry's perpetual quest to cut costs, with AI seen as a potential means to achieve this. 

The study indicates that concerns about the impact of AI on writers and actors were lower, possibly influenced by recent contractual gains in those areas.

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Most Likely to be Affected by AI

Tasks most likely to be affected by AI in the film and TV industry include 3-D modeling, sound design, cloning, character and environment design, voice generation, cloning, compositing, animation, tools programming, light/texture generation, scriptwriting, rigging, concept art, and visual development.

The study also anticipates that entry-level positions in the entertainment industry will bear a disproportionate impact from the rise of AI, raising concerns about potential barriers for new entrants.

While AI is acknowledged for creating new job opportunities, it remains to be seen whether displaced workers will easily transition into these roles, as they often require different skill sets. The Animation Guild aims to contribute to establishing industry standards for AI tools that benefit artists without jeopardizing their livelihoods. 

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