OPAD Consulting: More Than Four Decades of Aligning Teams with Vision and Mission

By David Thompson

Jan 04, 2024 05:30 PM EST

Harold Goldstein and Lilo Alfaro at client site(Harold Goldstein and Lilo Alfaro at client site) (Credit: Getty Image)

Step into the world of business consulting, where professionals with strategic vision, industry expertise, communication mastery, and problem-solving prowess fuel success. With several decades of experience, OPAD Consulting's CEO Harold Goldstein and COO Lilo Alfaro are leaders whose unique journeys have made them stand out in the industry.

The business industry is constantly adapting to evolving market demands. As organizations grow and diversify, one challenge remains consistent: ensuring that teams align with the company's overarching vision and mission. This integration is a critical component that can dictate the future of an enterprise.

A well-aligned team can navigate challenges more efficiently. They adapt to changes swiftly and drive the organization toward its goals. On the other hand, a misaligned team can lead to inefficiencies, miscommunications, and missed opportunities.

Historically, aligning teams with a company's vision and mission has been a cornerstone of successful businesses. A study by the Institute for Corporate Productivity found that companies that effectively synchronize their teams with their objectives are 5.5 times more likely to be high-performing.

OPAD Consulting, among several firms in this niche, has been diligently working towards helping organizations achieve this coordination. In the past forty years, they've created and perfected methods like daily task integration, mission-aligned performance, and employee inclusion. This enables them to understand each organization's unique needs and implement tailored strategies.

While numerous firms provide comparable services, the industry has acknowledged OPAD Consulting's depth of experience and personalized approach.

According to a recent poll, for 89% of HR directors, success is primarily dependent on having frequent cross-company candid conversations about performance and goals. OPAD Consulting's methodologies resonate with this finding, emphasizing the importance of regular communication and feedback.

It's not just about the approaches, though. The execution of a strategy determines its success. OPAD's client-centric system ensures that the plans are well-crafted and strategically executed. Feedback from organizations they've partnered with often emphasizes the improvement in team calibration and the resultant uptick in performance.

Mark B. Cooper, President and Founder of PKI Solutions Inc., shares a similar sentiment, stating, "We are extremely pleased with the work that OPAD provided our company. Through an amazingly well-received process, the entire company came together. With OPAD's insights, we now have a Mission Statement that everyone references and a set of values that exemplify who we are internally and to our customers."

The importance of team alignment with vision and mission is only set to increase in the future. Business is getting more complex, and change is happening faster. In this context, a team onboard with the organization's goals becomes a vital asset for overall performance. This philosophy of continuous alignment and an inclusive environment is something that OPAD Consulting has long championed in its approach to organizational success.

As businesses face modern challenges, firms like OPAD Consulting play a pivotal role in providing practical resolutions. Their decades of experience aligning teams highlight their adaptability and commitment to a changing business world.

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