15 Best PR Agencies for Venture Capital Firms

By David Thompson

Sep 25, 2023 07:44 PM EDT

Mogul Press (Mogul Press ) (Credit: Getty Image)

In the electrifying realm of startups, where ideas ignite into reality, and innovation sparks a blaze of possibilities, one factor often stands between obscurity and success: visibility. Venture Capital (VC) firms wield the power to fan these flames, providing the vital fuel that transforms startups into soaring businesses. 

But what's the secret ingredient that can truly amplify their own impact? The answer lies in the skillful hands of PR agencies. These are the wizards of the word-the storytellers who know how to make your venture not just seen but remembered.

The VC Odyssey:

Venture Capital firms are the fairy godmothers (or godfathers) of startups, bestowing the gift of financial backing on budding entrepreneurs. They seek out the ideas with the most potential to change the world and provide a financial "magic carpet" to help them get from concept to company as quickly as possible. But in a world brimming with startups vying for attention, how can these benefactors ensure their investments don't disappear into the mist?

The Prismatic Power of PR for VC Firms

Imagine this: A startup with groundbreaking potential but confined to the shadows, its brilliance lost in the din of the modern marketplace. 

This is where PR agencies step in, brandishing their wands of communication prowess. They shape narratives, conjure compelling stories, and cast spells of media enchantment. In the hands of a skilled PR partner, a VC firm can elevate its portfolio of startups from obscurity to center stage, where they belong.

The Quest for The Best: The 15 Best PR Agencies For VC Firms

1. Mogul Press: 

Mogul Press, also known as "The Shark of the PR World", is an award-winning PR boutique firm with a prominent position in the vast arena of public relations. The brand earned its crown through unparalleled expertise and a remarkable track record, establishing it as one of the world's top PR agencies

Since its inception in 2019, the company has sealed million-dollar deals, launched prominent campaigns for large enterprises, and helped numerous startups stay afloat during the pandemic.

Founded by visionary entrepreneur Nabeel Ahmad, Mogul Press focuses on amplifying the success stories of startups and Fortune 500 companies alike. This media goliath has established itself as a trusted ally in the PR scene by boasting an impressive clientele, including Microsoft, Walmart, Amazon, and Costco. 

With a focus on innovation, Mogul Press provides a solid platform for venture capital firms to market themselves to the startup scene and unveil their game-changing ideas to the world. 

They use a novel blend of marketing and public relations strategies to boost visibility for venture capital firms' startup portfolios. This fusion not only provides maximum visibility but also gives the clients the potential to 10x their impact.

From managing publicity campaigns to crafting compelling narratives, Mogul Press has a wide range of services tailor-made for venture capitalists. The firm also takes pride in its accomplished team, composed of PR specialists, digital marketers, and brand strategists, well-versed in the latest trends and equipped with the know-how to help startups reach their full potential.

2. Edelman

Founded in 1952 by Daniel Edelman, Edelman is one of the oldest and biggest PR firms in the world. The agency has offices in over 65 countries and is renowned for its expertise in producing results-driven campaigns.

Their impressive list of clients includes Fortune 500 companies, startups, venture capitalists, and non-profit organizations. With world-class analytics tools and a team of experts, Edelman helps venture capitalists break through the noise to get maximum visibility for their startup portfolios.

Edelman has witnessed a grand dip in global revenue in 2018 but has managed to stay afloat and continues to be one of the top choices for VC firms. 

The company caters to a wide variety of sectors and offers a range of services, such as content creation, brand building, crisis management, digital marketing, and more.

3. Inkhouse

Inkhouse's connection to venture capital is embedded in its very core, stemming from its founders' backgrounds in the field during the early 2000s. The agency's journey has been intertwined with esteemed VC names like Bain Capital Ventures, Charles River Ventures, Citi Ventures, and more. From startups to unicorns, Inkhouse has represented a diverse spectrum backed by industry giants such as a16z, Accel, Battery, and Lightspeed.

Navigating the intricate landscape of venture capital, Inkhouse excels in targeting founders as its audience and crafting precise communication strategies for Seed, Series A, and growth-stage funding announcements. Moreover, their IPO experience with companies like Okta and Carbon Black, showcased through effective media relations and social media efforts, positions them well to collaborate with venture investors and their portfolio companies at every stage.

4. CEW Communications

CEW Communications, founded in London in 2016, stands as a seasoned communications partner and coach for tech startups and rapidly growing tech entities. With a pragmatic approach, they've lent their expertise to over 400 companies and entrepreneurs across Europe. Brands like ATI Boeing Accelerator, Backed VC, and Juggle have benefited from their insightful services.

CEW's clientele consists of startups in the public relations industry that seek professional guidance in promoting their projects through established media outlets. Offering PR, content, training, and more, their work resonates especially within the B2B startup arena, where tradition is met with innovation.

Beyond the spotlight, CEW Communications masterfully crafts content, manages events, engages influencers, and wields the power of social media. Subtle but effective, they carve a niche by amplifying the voices of tech startups, redefining the art of promotion.

5. Finn Partners

Established in 2011, Finn Partners is a globally recognized PR agency that has rapidly expanded its reach, now spanning three continents. With a diverse portfolio spanning science, technology, manufacturing, sales, health, and financial services, their prowess extends beyond boundaries. Their adeptness in various domains highlights their adaptability and ability to innovate even in challenging situations.

Fueled by a commitment to client benefits, their unique approach fuses PR and marketing strategies seamlessly. This convergence of disciplines contributes to their track record of project completion. 

6. APCO Worldwide

APCO Worldwide stands as an advisory and advocacy communications consultancy, a guiding hand for public and private sector entities seeking nimble action and fortified reputations. With a focus on organizational success, branding, and relationships, they navigate the ever-shifting terrain of communications.

Notably, APCO is a majority woman-owned business, reflecting its commitment to diverse perspectives. Their accolades include The Holmes Report's 2018 EMEA Public Affairs Consultancies of the Year award and being a finalist in the 2019 Global Public Affairs Agencies of the Year award.

APCO's legacy lies in broadening the horizons of public affairs. Their pioneering approach to research, analytics, and digital capabilities reshapes the contours of effective communication strategies

7. Goldsmith Communications

Goldsmith Communications, based in London, has emerged as a strategic communications consulting agency serving the technology sector since its founding in 2017. Its focus spans from empowering venture capital investors to aiding established brands in venturing into technology. Brands such as ComplyAdvantage, Antler, and Diversity VC bear witness to its reach.

Goldsmith Communications extends its expertise to startups, tech giants, established brands, and VC investors, offering comprehensive communications consulting services. The team weaves a news agenda, crafts thought leadership pieces and paves paths within intricate networks.

8. Sliced Brand

SlicedBrand is a notable boutique tech PR agency that is quietly making waves in the industry. With a portfolio boasting over a thousand technology companies, the agency thrives on enabling these ventures to effectively share their stories with the world.

This award-winning agency is characterized by its senior team, enriched with decades of experience. Their artistry lies in utilizing an extensive network of connections with top-tier media and harnessing their expertise in storytelling to navigate the ever-evolving media landscape. This ensures their clients' stories resonate with the right audiences, securing the exposure they deserve.

SlicedBrand's triumphs span diverse sectors, from sustainability and AI to cybersecurity and fintech. Catering to a broad spectrum of clients, from giants like Microsoft to stealth startups, they remain steadfast in their commitment to crafting tech narratives that matter.

9. Piabo 

Established in 2006, PIABO has quietly risen to prominence as a leading PR agency globally. With a focus on delivering results, they've empowered numerous businesses to secure their market share and captivate the public's attention. PIABO's specialization spans public relations, content marketing, social media, and influencer relations, fostering a comprehensive approach.

Their expertise resonates across diverse industries, including Tech, IT, E-Learning, Gaming, IoT, and 3D Printing. Through data-driven strategies, PIABO enables the cultivation of enduring connections with key opinion leaders, influencers, and journalists. With a subtle tone and proven proficiency, PIABO remains a noteworthy partner in the pursuit of effective PR solutions.

10. Cognito PR

Cognito, an independent global communications agency, stands as a steadfast partner in managing brand reputation, mitigating threats, and driving value in intricate and competitive markets. Their approach, rooted in strategic corporate positioning and clear communication, empowers a diverse clientele, ranging from established industry leaders to ambitious startups, to effectively connect with audiences, safeguard reputations, and foster business growth.

With a roster of over 100 active clients, Cognito's reach spans the spectrum from global giants to disruptive newcomers. Their team of more than 80 consultants, hailing from 15 countries and fluent in 20 languages, brings a wealth of big agency and in-house expertise. Operating across corporate communications, PR, digital marketing, and social realms, they champion clients as they pave the way toward sustainable development and a more interconnected world.


Situated in the heart of New York City, 5W is a leading PR agency offering a comprehensive spectrum of services designed to encompass every facet of business needs. With a seasoned team at the helm, the agency advocates for a methodical approach, believing that a well-conceived plan is the cornerstone of any brand's success.

Embracing a holistic view, 5W initiates its process by thoroughly analyzing the entire business landscape. Armed with insights, the team then forges strategies that resonate across the service and product spectrum. Social media promotion, recognized as a pivotal element of contemporary triumphs, finds a crucial spot in 5W's repertoire.

Black Unicorn

Black Unicorn PR, a London-based firm founded in 2018, has a unique focus on fostering the expansion of creative startups throughout Europe. Their expertise shines particularly in their commitment to helping Baltic and European companies gain visibility and traction in the UK market.

Among the ranks of their portfolio, names like Planet42, Nordigen, Safe & The City, and Tinggly stand out, showcasing their penchant for fostering a diverse range of emerging talent.

Black Unicorn PR's mission revolves around amplifying the presence of scaleups and propelling their online visibility. Their range of services includes formulating PR and communication strategies, cultivating essential media relationships, and exploring avenues like event participation and speaking engagements.

Raoul Tech PR

In the heart of Paris, Raoul stands as a PR agency with a distinct understanding of the tech industry and its promotional dynamics for startups. Their pragmatic approach to tech promotion sets them apart, offering a suite of online and offline PR services, including opinion pieces, case studies, and media training.

RaoulPR's modest yet notable client portfolio includes industry players like Adyen, Balderton, and Colonies. Their strategic collaborations demonstrate their ability to navigate the complexities of venture capital firms. The agency's foundation in Paris, a hub for innovation, adds credibility to its understanding of the nuances of the tech ecosystem.

In a realm known for its hyperbole, Raoul PR's subtle approach serves as a refreshing take. Their journey through the tech landscape, marked by collaborations with industry players, showcases their knack for delivering results without the need for excessive praise.

Rasky Partners

With a legacy spanning over three decades, Rasky Partners stands as a distinguished independent PR and public affairs firm within the United States. Operating from their offices in Boston and Washington, DC, their impactful work has been consistently recognized by PR Week. 

Rasky Partners is a beacon for businesses seeking adept communication strategies that align with their goals. Their expertise extends to media relations, corporate communications, and marketing communications. Through their nuanced approach, they facilitate effective communication that resonates with audiences.

In the realm of VC firms, Rasky Partners brings their seasoned proficiency to the table, offering a strategic touch that empowers startups to convey their visions with clarity. Subtle and steadfast, their contribution to the VC landscape is a testament to their commitment to excellence.

Milk and Honey PR

Milk & Honey PR, a modest yet impactful London and Sydney-based agency, specializes in nurturing the reputations of passionate growth companies. Their secret ingredient? A values-driven approach that extends beyond their own interests, encompassing the well-being of their clients, collaborators, and the communities they touch. Notably, they're a proud bearer of the B Corp certification, setting a new ethical benchmark.

The PR services provided by the agency cover a wide range, from domestic brand and reputation management to a global orchestra model encompassing EMEA, APAC, and North America. They perform with a wide range of skills, including human relations, digital design, video production, and more. Amid this versatility, their subtle prowess extends to catering to VC firms, offering tailored solutions without overindulgence.


In this whirlwind journey from startup spark to soaring success, PR agencies emerge as the guiding stars. Their narrative spells transform VC-backed ideas into memorable legends. The alchemy of communication, when in the hands of these enchanters, makes the difference between a startup's obscurity and its vibrant destiny. As VC firms and startups stride hand in hand, PR agencies are the invisible threads that weave their journeys into sagas worth telling. In this intricate dance, the synergy of VC magic and PR wizardry creates an unforgettable symphony of innovation, entrepreneurship, and transformative storytelling.

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