Helping Gen Z Navigate the Psychological Highs and Lows with Resilience - evrmore Is Here to Change the Game in the Mental Wellness Industry

By David Thompson

Aug 04, 2023 12:30 PM EDT

Dr. Natanya Wachtel(Dr. Natanya Wachtel) (Credit: Getty Image)

The decade gone by was marked by turbulence and change that has indelibly altered our world - with the pandemic arguably being the most horrific. To add to that, the digital world, peer pressure, and other factors have created a perfect storm for today's teenagers, resulting in a mental health crisis.

Many high school students display signs of severe anxiety, depression, eating disorders, etc. Such alarming circumstances call for immediate actions to mitigate the situation.

Fortunately, experts and empaths like Dr. Natanya Wachtel work day and night to help frustrated teens figure out the best way to deal with their mental health problems. Whereas many adults frown at or disbelieve the mental and emotional issues of the teens, Dr. Natanya provides reassurance to these teens that it is okay to have mental health problems and there are solutions that can help them.

Given the frightening state of teen mental health, Dr. Natanya started considering practical interventions. Considering the massive involvement of social media in teens' lives, Dr. Natanya has co-founded This is an empathy AI application, bridging the gulf between Gen Z and the mental health issues they face - one of the taglines for the app defines the mission aptly, "The wellness GPS to help Gen Zs build resilience and stay empowered."

Dr. Natanya reflects on the issues faced by Gen Z and how it induced the idea of this app, "we just decided for this endeavor to focus on what we are calling Gen Z, which is young people around 13 to about 25. We want to help lift them up, helping them be the better citizens of tomorrow that they need to be in this kind of wild world that we are in."

The app works with a personalized model, where teenagers can direct the direction of their recovery. They can track their emotions. They can select a few trusted people to talk to if their issues get out of control. These people are not limited to parents, teachers, or counselors. They can be other people the teen trusts.

The application also has an audio journal feature, where the teen can record thoughts and recent developments in their mental health. The app makes wellness monitoring effortless for Gen Z while staying on the familiar turf of the digital world. Moreover, it alerts trusted people of any drastic change in the person's health and attitude.

While other social media apps can make you distant from your inner self through influence culture, evrmore encourages a connection with one's self, building strength and confidence as a result.

Dr. Natanya elaborates, "In evrmore, we are trying to help strengthen personal narrative - whether it's in crisis or improving that digital life that young people are spending the majority of their time on, they're overwhelmed looking for this external validation. We are trying to shift and turn the tide around so digital wellness is a part of it and inclusive and accessible."

This application can be the game-changer we need in today's digital era. For this reason, Netflix's documentary The Social Dilemma featured it, with another featurette coming in the sequel, The Changemakers.

If you are a teen in need of mental health assistance, consider using this app for improved mental health and digital life.

To learn more about Dr. Natanya and her other ventures, visit her company website. In addition to her pivotal role in the mental health area, Dr. Natanya is also a Board Chair for, the strategic advisor to, an app for optimal gut-health, and iCanStudy, a breakthrough learning and brain health optimization system founded by Dr. Justin Sung.

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