Blazing a Trail in PR: The Empathy Firm's Impactful Journey with Grant Lira

(Credit: Grant Lira) Grant Lira
June 9
1:36 PM 2023

In the competitive world of public relations, it takes a unique blend of determination, innovation, and empathy to stand out. One such individual who has managed to carve a name for himself in this industry is Grant Lira, co-founder of The Empathy Firm. Together with his brother, Gavin Lira, they've built a successful PR firm specializing in securing media coverage, particularly podcasts, for their B2B clients. The Empathy Firm's unique approach has not only led to substantial growth for their clients but also given them a platform to give back through charitable initiatives.

Born and raised in a small Wisconsin town of just 6,000 people, Grant Lira's journey to entrepreneurship was anything but predictable. After completing high school, Grant joined the national guard and underwent basic training and airborne school in Fort Benning, Georgia. He trained as a paratrooper and completed his military education, a testament to his resilience and determination.

While attending college, Grant Lira's path was uncertain. He knew he wanted to make a difference but wasn't sure which direction to take. It wasn't until he was introduced to acquisition through a friend's business fraternity that he found his calling. Grant Liraquickly became enamored with the potential impact of ethical acquisition and leadership, setting the stage for his future in public relations.

With no prior experience or knowledge in PR, Grant and his brother Gavin founded The Empathy Firm. Through sheer determination and hard work, they managed to build the business from the ground up. Grant welcomed failure, learning from each setback and refining their processes. This approach has undoubtedly paid off, as Grant Lira has since been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, and other prestigious publications.

One of the hallmarks of The Empathy Firm's success has been their focus on helping clients leverage media coverage for the best possible ROI. This emphasis on client success, along with their expertise in podcast placements, has set them apart from traditional PR firms.

In addition to their PR achievements, The Empathy Firm has recently launched a charitable initiative called Podcasts for a Purpose. For every podcast booking they secure for a client, they feed one hungry person. This initiative exemplifies the values at the core of the company - empathy, integrity, and a commitment to making a positive impact.

Grant Lira's journey from a small-town upbringing to co-founding a thriving PR firm is an inspiration for young entrepreneurs and business owners alike. His approach to work, characterized by speed, blind ambition, and an unwavering focus on helping others, has been crucial to his success.

Grant Lira's story is a testament to the power of resilience, determination, and empathy in the world of business. His journey from small-town beginnings to co-founding The Empathy Firm with his brother Gavin Lira is not only an inspiring tale but also a reminder that the most successful entrepreneurs are often those who prioritize the well-being of others while pursuing their own goals.

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