WriteSea Founders Defy Odds, Raise $2.5M in Venture Capital, While Building A Game Changing Business Platform

By David Thompson

Apr 24, 2023 03:25 PM EDT

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In today's highly competitive business landscape, minority entrepreneurs face unique challenges when it comes to scaling their ventures - particularly securing funding. However, the founders of WriteSea, a groundbreaking platform designed to help service-based businesses streamline operations, have defied the odds by raising an impressive $2.5 million in venture capital during an extremely tough market. The company's executive team is an extremely diverse group that is hyperfocused on bringing a new perspective to the service industry. WriteSea focuses on resume building and career coaching; additionally offering services ranging from invoice services, lead generation, website building, sales support, internal team communications, project management and more. The company is designed to be an all in one solution for founders and entrepreneurs looking to simplify their business. 

A Candid Conversation with WriteSea's Founders

In order to better understand the founders of WriteSea and their company's mission, we took time to interview their executive team.  We were able to discuss everything from their company's vision, their keys to success, and their approach to life. Here were some of the takeaways.

A Results Driven Company

Leander Howard II, CMO of WriteSea, has a strong background in both marketing and finance and was careful to highlight the importance of delivering results to their clients.  When asked about how they define success for their clients, Howard was quick to respond, "Results, results, results. Can we take you from point A to point B. Can we change your life? That is how I know our product worked."  This of course was perfectly in line with why Brandon Mitchell, CEO of WriteSea wanted to start the company in the first place. "I started WriteSea to simplify and automate a service-based business I was running for 2+ years. After reviewing all the platforms and tools currently out there for business owners, I realized there was not a platform that contained all of the necessary features I needed to run my business successfully." In the true style of an entrepreneur, Mitchell quickly realized that the problems he solved for himself, he could also solve for others. Both Howard and Mitchell are highly successful entrepreneurs who have built successful companies in the service-based industry.

Overcoming Challenges

Despite their incredible intentions, WriteSea still faced a mountain of challenges in turning their passion into reality. Perhaps the hardest was finding ways to raise money for their company in one of the toughest venture capital markets that America has faced. Mitchell shares, "The last few years have seen a tightening in finding venture capital - with the pandemic, rising interest rates, and other factors, it's been extremely difficult." 

Even with the odds stacked against them, the team - especially Mitchell, pushed forward and achieved the impossible. Mitchell shares, "I remember grinding it out until we could land our first angel investor, then the next and the next. It was a difficult process." It was difficult, but his perseverance paid off and the minority led company was able to raise $2.5 million dollars in funding - more than enough to get their startup off the ground. All of this was accomplished while developing one of the most comprehensive business tools on the market. Another key addition to the company during this time was Anthony Alegrete. Alegrete was the first angel investor for WriteSea, but would end up offering more than just capital for the fledgling company. Based on previous experience working with Mitchell and a shared passion for the project, Alegrete would later join the company as creative director of WriteSea. With over twenty three years of experience in entrepreneurship, Alegrete certainly brought valuable experience and knowledge to the young startup. 

Being Intentional About Their Goals

WriteSea is a very ambitious company. With a goal of acquiring 1,000 companies to use their software solution in the next two to three years, they realize the importance of being innovative but intentional with their work. Noelle Holiday, head of Operations and HR, shared her take. "I'm a firm believer in human ecology. I explore and determine root issues and core needs... not assumed issues or needs." With this microscopic focus on building systems and processes for both clients and employees, Holiday is able to keep the company running smoothly and with precise direction to reach their goals. As a minority-led company, Write Sea is also intentional about being available to serve as many minority groups as they can. Stephanie Thomas, who works closely with Holiday in operations, chipped in on this subject. "As an introverted, neurodivergent queer woman, my aim is to bring impact to organizations that make a space for those voices." In a world where marginalized voices can often be drowned out, WriteSea is intentional about giving them the attention they deserve. Thomas' passion for empowering others is highlighted with a strong background in customer service, recruiting and career services.

Perfectly Equipped to Serve

As a result of their dedication to serving their clients, WriteSea has developed into the perfect solution for small and large business owners alike. Mitchell shared, "I know the pain points, what will save them time and money, and I know what will help them flourish. We wanted to build a software that was simple from the interface design to assist our clients in solving those big problems/obstacles they may face while running their business. Our approach is to build the best product for our people." With such an emphasis and arsenal of services to offer, one may think that is all that WriteSea has to offer. Leander, CMO chipped in to share what he believes is their secret weapon. Communication. "[We] always communicate! No matter how bad it gets, if we mess up, or you can't deliver on your original promise. Always communicate. The simple act of communicating will show that you respect people. When you communicate you keep the doors open with someone to keep working with you." As the company continues to build their client portfolio as well as continuously finetuning their services, the future looks bright as the company continues to develop. Stephanie Thomas embodied this company philosophy perfectly, "I always try to learn new things -- often small things quickly or big things over time."

What's Next for WriteSea?

With a clear mission and an innovative platform, WriteSea is well on its way to making a significant impact on the world of service-based businesses. Although they have already achieved much and overcome some pretty large obstacles, they still have their eyes set on going bigger and meeting even more of their clients' needs.

If you are looking for a fully comprehensive business tool to scale or build your business - or if you'd just like more information about WriteSea, you can visit them on their website for more information or subscribe to their YouTube channel for helpful tips on running a business. 

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