Charlie Lass, Dallas Inc. Founder & CEO, Helps Businesses Launch Ideas in 30 Days

By David Thompson

Feb 01, 2023 03:09 PM EST

Charlie Lass interviews Jessica Vittorio, Startup Attorney, during Dallas Startup Week 2021.(Charlie Lass interviews Jessica Vittorio, Startup Attorney, during Dallas Startup Week 2021.) (Credit: Getty Image)

"We've spent 20 years making mistakes so others don't have to," says Charlie Lass, founder and CEO of the consultancy and private investment fund, Dallas Incorporated. 

Lass launched Dallas Inc. in 2021 at a local event attended by Dallas, Texas mayor, Eric Johnson. To get there, his small team drew from its steep well of individual entrepreneurial successes and failures. An MIT alum and lecturer as well as a Capital Factory mentor, he says he's passionate about teaching, mentoring, and mental health advocacy for entrepreneurs. 

Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson and Charlie Lass shared the stage during Dallas Startup Week 2021.
(Photo : Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson and Charlie Lass shared the stage during Dallas Startup Week 2021.)

"My entire career so far has been launching new ventures. I've never had a 'real job', always looking to improve on an existing process or product or launch something completely new," Lass says. "I've been involved in developing the strategy and tactics of more than 400 startups and been through the startup-exit journey multiple times in the UK and US."

As a consultancy and private investment fund, Dallas Inc. provides expert services in multiple areas. Clients can access hands-on assistance with branding, social traction and advertising, web development, SEO, strategy, fundraising, rebuilding executive boards, and more. 

Dallas Inc. also serves as a connector between prospective investors and its startup clients. Using its foundation of profitable launches, it helps investors establish and track long-term business partnerships. Its model is designed to be automated, multifaceted, and short-term, countering traditional timelines for business and product development, which can often take months or years to launch. 

"We can take any idea to market in 30 days," Lass says. "We offer the process to ambitious individuals who may not have the time to validate their idea, or lack the in-depth knowledge that launching a successful startup requires." The consultancy advises businesses through the possibilities and potential pitfalls of product launches and improvements. Before going to market, the firm ensures that the company's ideas align with its consumers' needs and wants. 

"Market validation is the most important thing for a new concept," he confirms, "and almost everyone fails to do it."

Dallas Inc. also helps startups thrive by addressing the intricacies of business storytelling and investor matching. Part of its process involves supporting startups with thorough and appealing pitch development, since, as its website states, "75% of new products fail." By anticipating challenges and cultivating successful entrepreneurial ecosystems, Lass's team supports clients as they scale their ideas, strengthen their legal structures, tackle bureaucracy and paperwork and other hurdles most startups encounter.

Businesses working with Dallas Inc. have to make a financial investment to begin their 30-day idea launch. Lass says he's committed to keeping the starting expense low relative to the cost of failed efforts. 

"We want people to feel reassured that a concept can be launched with minimal risk," Lass says. "Yes, it costs $50k, but at the end of it, you have a validated idea and a value-creating asset. No debt, no depreciation. Only growth. We have pioneered the start-up-as-a-service concept for individuals, and it's based on real experience."  

Charlie Lass
(Photo : Charlie Lass)

Each Dallas Inc. client receives personalized, dedicated attention since the firm only works with one founder at a time. The client selection process is selective, too, to optimize the 30-day strategy. 

"We want to create a brand that exudes confidence and experience," Lass says. "One that tells people that it doesn't require $250k and 12 months to launch."  

Dallas Inc. doesn't eliminate the stresses and challenges that can emerge with business launches: financial instability, unprecedented current events, and other obstacles are still risks. The idea, Lass explains, is that its team, model, and resource base help founders focus their priorities, solidify market buy-in, and persevere through the process. 

In late 2022, the consultancy expanded from its Dallas headquarters into Fort Worth, Texas. This year, it plans to launch operations in Austin and Houston. 

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