BYLT Sports Drinks: A Natural Hydration Solution for Pregnant Women

By David Thompson

Jan 24, 2023 11:28 AM EST

BYLT Sports Drinks(BYLT Sports Drinks) (Credit: Getty Image)

Maintaining one's health should always be a priority.

Maintaining one's health during pregnancy carries an urgency because of a litany of potential challenges, including:

  • Pre-eclampsia, which is characterized by high blood pressure and protein in the urine. If left untreated, it can be life-threatening for mother and baby.

  • Gestational diabetes, which can develop during pregnancy and increase the risk of complications for both parent and baby.

  • Anemia. Those who are pregnant are at risk of developing anemia due to the increased demands on their body, which can cause fatigue and weakness.

"Complications of pregnancy...can involve the mother's health, the baby's health, or both," according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. "Some women have health problems that arise during pregnancy, and other women have health problems before they become pregnant that could lead to complications."

Hydration helps us all, regardless of our physical condition or how hot or cold the weather may be. However, hydration can be especially important for those who are pregnant or nursing. Drinking water is an obvious option, but BYLT electrolyte sports drinks offer an effective alternative because they build upon nature's hydration without the crutch of artificial additives, preservatives or caffeine.

During pregnancy, sufficient hydration helps maintain amniotic fluid levels; and can prevent urinary tract infections and constipation. Proper hydration can also help with overall fetal development.

"Staying well-hydrated while pregnant is essential," reads webmd. "...Your hydration directly affects the amniotic fluid, the liquid inside your womb in which your baby floats safely. If you are dehydrated, the amniotic fluid could reduce, causing oligohydramnios."

The foundation of BYLT's superior hydration technology is HydroMaxTM. The vegetable glycerol present in HydroMaxTM is easily absorbed and distributed throughout the intracellular space, increasing the concentration of fluid in the blood and tissues, positively affecting osmolarity and the expansion and maintenance of fluid volume.  This "hyper-hydration" pushes fluid into the body at the cellular level.

Electrolytes in BYLT react to the body's inherent need to refuel, repair, recover and rehydrate. Electrolytes are a combination of essential minerals like sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium; these are lost during perspiration. As one of the main ingredients in BYLT, these essential electrolytes help maintain pH levels in the blood, improve electrical signals through power nerves and muscles, and replenish lost fluid in the body. 

In addition to its hydration benefits, BYLT sports drinks also provide the body with caffeine-free, plant-based energy. BYLT's patented SmartCarb® technology relies on Palatinose, a natural carbohydrate derived from sugar beets, which provides the body with an extended energy source

"Most drinks out there are all simple sugars and high-fructose corn syrup, and just not really good for you," said Joey Firestone, a former athlete and exercise science specialist who is the CEO and Founder of BYLT sports drinks. "The natural SmartCarb doesn't spike your blood sugar or raise insulin levels."

BYLT is also a tooth-friendly drink thanks to that same patented carbohydrate, which is non-cariogenic and does not cause tooth decay or cavities because it is less likely to be broken down in the mouth and promote the growth of harmful bacteria. Non-cariogenic carbohydrates include fruits, vegetables, and whole grains-and the BYLT ingredient Spectra contains 29 fruit and vegetable extracts, which provide antioxidants that boost nitric oxide levels and increase blood flow. 

Rounding out BYLT sports drink's unique profile are 100% plant-based amino acids that support the repair and recovery of muscle tissue.

The Miami-based Elite Beverage's hydration success dates back to late 2018,  with the introduction of two BYLT flavors. Two more flavors were added in 2019 and that was followed by the SmartCarb® patent in 2021. After soaring through test markets, BYLT now boasts seven flavors and expanded distribution to over 1,500 stores from California to Florida, including 7-Eleven, Gold's Gym, LA Fitness and Walgreens.

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