Oren B Segal on Diverting From the Crowd to Stand Out In The Modeling Industry

By Patrick Jones

Jun 29, 2021 09:59 PM EDT

Oren B Segal on Diverting From the Crowd to Stand Out In The Modeling Industry(Oren Segal) (Credit: Getty Image)

The modeling industry thrives on trends. From fashionable clothes to good-looking models, everything appears to be perfect. This picture-perfect superficiality sets trends, which millions of people blindly follow. Only a few talents in this industry have dared to differ from the trends, and Oren Segal is one of them. This young fashion model chose to trailblaze his unique style instead of following the blueprint set out for him. His bravery and confidence have made him a distinguishable influencer in the industry.

Oren Segal grew up in New York City to Israeli parents. There was a diversity of ideas both inside and outside his home, which inspired him to become a curious and creative person. Being exposed to numerous cultures over the years shaped his perception of

From a very young age, Oren tried to figure out ways to transform his overall look by experimenting with new clothes. This is how he created his own, unique fashion footprint that sets him apart from others. Oren believes that blindly following trends will lead to nowhere. When it comes to making your mark in the fashion industry, you have to think for yourself. Even during childhood, when most kids want to follow whatever their favorite celebrities are wearing, Oren chose to go against the flow.

To pursue his passion for fashion as a career, Oren began expanding his connections during his college days. He started working as a freelance model and did digital marketing for an elite training facility, called Tone House. While it was demanding to balance these responsibilities, Oren still enjoyed it because he was committing his time to do work that he loved. On top of all that, Oren decided to take a huge leap of faith and launch his own personal brand into a household name.

Working as a freelance fashion model widened his exposure to the industry, which benefitted him when it came time to fuel up his brand. Things were looking promising for the young entrepreneur. But just when his business had started taking off, Oren suffered a huge setback with the pandemic outbreak. The economic downturn had a severe impact on the fashion and modeling industry. Oren could see his dream shattered as the situation was degrading with every passing day. At this time, he got an offer to join the Navy. He had to make a difficult choice between his passion and a secured future. Oren chose to follow his heart and sustain his brand by overcoming every challenge.

At present, Oren is working hard to grow his brand into a household name in the fashion industry. He is confident that his unique style and refined sense of fashion will help his brand skyrocket in a matter of time. Just like his perception of fashion, his brand also will be distinguishable among others.

Oren's story can encourage budding talents to follow their heart instead of trends. He can inspire others to be fearless to embrace their style and not yield to "crowd mentality." There will always be new trends to follow, but at the same time, there will always be new innovators like Oren Segal.

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