Marco Champion: Why Your Failures Are Your Biggest Teachers in Life

By Ernest Hamilton

Jun 22, 2021 10:19 AM EDT

Marco Champion: Why Your Failures Are Your Biggest Teachers in Life(Marco Champion: Why Your Failures Are Your Biggest Teachers in Life) (Credit: Getty Image)

Dealing with failures is just one step on the road to success. Even successful entrepreneurs, like Marco Champion, have experienced failures. What makes them successful is the knowledge that failures teach you important lessons and provide opportunities for growth.

Marco Champion is no stranger to failures, saying that he has "too many failures to count." While each of the failures taught Champion a lesson or reinforced one he had previously learned, one stands out as the foremost teaching experience. He says, "I'll share one failure that I learned the most from. That's in the second year of iLegendz when I used an AI automation tool to grow followers. Instagram banned those tools, and within one month, and I went from 20,000 a month to 0. I had to cancel and refund everyone because I wasn't able to deliver." This was not only a costly mistake but a time-consuming one as well. Champion continues, "I learned how to pivot and push forward during that adversity."

Marco Champion acknowledges that failures are part of the path to success. He explains, "Financial success is a by-product of overcoming one failure after another." Aspiring entrepreneurs can take this advice to heart and use failures as a learning experience. Take the time to evaluate what went wrong and how you can prevent it from doing so in the first place. Then, push through and learn from the experience. Failures are not the only teaching moments Champion has experienced on his path to success. Overcoming challenges is another. As he explains of his path to success, "Although I lacked the resources and support, I powered through it and learned to become resourceful and connect with people that helped me build my vision."

That lack of resources and support stems directly from Champion's non-traditional background for an entrepreneur. As he explains, "I have no business background as I dropped out of college. Everyone saw me as this passionate kid who was way over his head." Instead of letting failures or challenges hold him back, though, Champion turned them into learning experiences and opportunities for growth.

Because of his own story of becoming a successful entrepreneur and CEO without a business background and experiencing failures, Marco Champion believes that anyone can achieve something similar. He says, "with the right mindset and business strategy, anything is possible." He also has some advice for young entrepreneurs still learning from failures. "Never quit. Your life will be what you set it out to be as long as you stay motivated."

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