Nour Khodr on How the Rise of Social Media Has Given Birth to a New Generation of Stars

(Credit: Nour Khodr on How the Rise of Social Media Has Given Birth to a New Generation of Stars) Nour Khodr on How the Rise of Social Media Has Given Birth to a New Generation of Stars
June 10
8:30 AM 2021

All of us are living in a digital age. From paying an electricity bill to communicating with someone close, whatever we do, we do it digitally. Among so many digital things, there is one thing that has always been a hot topic of conversation, and that is social media.

We had a discussion with Nour Khodr and asked him about his take on the rise of social media and the birth of a new generation of stars is?

To this, Nour Khodr answered that when it comes to engagement between brands and consumers, social media has completely changed the way brands have been communicating with their audience. Like the engagement scenario, social media has given a platform to rising talents to showcase what they have and garner different people's attention.

Nour says, "today social media is getting used mostly by young people, young adults in their 20s or just above their 20s. Social media is the best way to inspire someone. We have raw talents showcasing their talent in front of the whole world to influencers marketing different brand products."

Earlier it only used to be offline platforms where the young generation used to perform to showcase their talent. Even then, there used to be hardly any media coverage that could turn the lives of these everyday people lives upside down. Social media stars are not like Hollywood celebrities; they are different from them. The way they present their work, the way they get marketed on various platforms, everything is different for them.

Nour Khodr thinks that social media platforms like Snapchat and Instagram offer these multi-talented people to show a short clip of their talent, this inspires others to see the whole video, and that's how the fan following starts to increase. Take TikTok as an example, it's a platform where you can upload a few mere seconds of video, but if you are good at something, your video can soon go viral and be spread by millions of people.

Social media has a mass appeal. Gen Z mainly checks out social media platforms, and they are always checking out different information on social media. Social media has become a driving force not just for social media agents but people who have got talent. Within a short span of time, talented people can quickly be seen by people to who they want to reach out. Social media has genuinely given birth to a new generation, but one needs to stay careful while marketing themselves.

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