Adam Gunton: 5 Daily Habits towards Developing a Fit and Active Lifestyle

(Credit: Adam Gunton) Adam Gunton
June 7
9:36 PM 2021

Good health is not a happenstance. People who get there follow certain habits to stay fit and active. Adam Gunton, best-selling author, and life coach lists five daily habits towards developing a fit lifestyle. 

Feed your purpose and be fed by it

Addiction is everything that a healthy lifestyle is not. One of those things is purpose. Adam who has worked, and more importantly intently listened to several addicts as they tell their story has uncovered that "purpose is the most important thing in life. It feeds the spirit and it feeds the world. However, when we fail to articulate our purpose to ourselves or are unable to find it in others who surround us, we can walk down the path of self-loathing. Therefore, it's important to daily remind your purpose to yourself."

Develop faith

Adam believes faith can move mountains. And that without it, it's impossible to move even a grain of sand. When asked how, he says, "faith is a measure of your love for life and yourself. It's a good habit to develop daily. Look for things that worked your way. Look for the small achievements. Note them down. Let the sense of joy sink in. What will follow is yourself."

Make healthy food choices

Food is more directly related to our happiness than we'd like to believe. Adam, however, has been a strong proponent of making good eating choices daily, for years. He believes, "when you are disciplined about afood you are serious about your well-being. You have taken control of your reptilian brain and put the executive in charge."

Engage your mind

The mind is a tricky thing. When not ruled, it rules and that may not be in one's best interest. Adam suggests engaging the mind with interesting things. He says, "Use the internet to research, find something you can pursue, write, read, talk, these are the ways with which you tell the mind who's the boss. Find activities you like, create your projects and see how time becomes your best ally than your worst enemy."

Develop Me-Time

Adam sees me-time as that period of the day when you are with yourself only. You may meditate, sit silently, or go for long walks, whatever you choose "allow it to let you come closer to yourself," he says.

Habits are us. And developing good habits is a bit like tending to barren land, hoping to grow a garden one day. It's not easy, but it's worth the effort.

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