Amanda Van Annan Talks to Models about “Winning the Runway”

(Credit: Amanda Van Annan) Amanda Van Annan Talks to Models about  “Winning the Runway”
June 2
8:41 PM 2021

There is more to modeling than just the glam, makeup, and a magazine cover. It is a professional career that has its own ups and downs. While the perks are there for all to see, the challenges are often not seen by many. This is the main reason why many aspiring models quit the industry before even starting their careers. Amanda Van Annan, a renowned British actor and model, has released her book "Win The Runway" to offer practical guidance to youth who dream of becoming models.

"Win The Runway" is a guidebook for aspiring models to get to the top of the industry. A model needs to know a lot of things to thrive and grow in the industry. With 20 years of experience in the modeling industry, Amanda Van Annan has shared her valuable tips to overcome all challenges in the industry. The book discusses everything about modeling including the good, the bad, and the ugly.

"Win The Runway" touches on even the most sensational and debatable topics in the modeling industry like racism, nepotism, sexual abuse, and drug abuse.  These hot topics often surface as major challenges for aspiring models but no one talks about the solution or ways to prevent them. Amanda Van Annan steps in to help aspiring models deal with sensitive issues as they navigate their way as a model in the industry.

The book is not only about the negative sides of the industry or the challenges of an aspiring model. It is a go-to guide for models to make it big in the industry and take their careers to the next level. The author has shared some useful information that aspiring models can use to navigate castings, photoshoots, agencies, and open calls. She has used her experience and knowledge to advising models on how they should conduct and carry themselves throughout their careers in the industry.

Even most successful models have experienced a rough patch in their careers. The book shares necessary tips on how to stay strong and overcome such situations to get a career back on track. Amanda a self -stylized model coach gives practical tips and solutions you can use to get a step above the competition.

"Win The Runway" ends with an essential workbook for models. This workbook will help them to prepare themselves to counter every challenge in the industry. It will also help them to spot opportunities for growth and have a wonderful career.

Amanda Van Annan will be launching an online model coaching program. She has teamed up with famous photographers, models, and agents from around the world to launch this online program. This coaching program can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

Amanda is also launching Beautonica Beauty her multi-brand, multimillion dollar beauty e-commerce site in the last quarter of 2021. Focused on beauty Beautonica Beauty incorporates a content production angle with constant constant being produced and released on several platforms. She is very optimistic about the project and is in partnership with several big beauty brands.

Win The Runway Launches July 15th 2021.

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