7 Lifestyle To Keep You Going

December 20
7:35 AM 2016

Living life on the edge? If so, you'll find this article super helpful! By following the steps I've outlined below, We can guarantee you that life will never be boring.

Here are seven lifestyle habits to keep you living paycheck to paycheck.

1.Always Go Out

Staying home is for losers. It's too hard to spend money if you never leave the house. I mean, how much fun can be had watching Netflix, playing board games, or having friends over for coffee. Lame. The place to be is at the stadium with your buddies. If you can spring for seasons tickets, even better! Not into sports? I would recommend meeting friends for dinner or drinks, often.

2.Buy More House Than You Can Afford

If you want my advice, skip the starter home! Moving is a real hassle, and the fewer times you need to go through that, the better. Here's what you do. Go to your bank. Find out what would be the highest mortgage amount they would deem affordable. Use that as your starting point when shopping for a home. Your banker will find a way to make it work. You may have to increase the mortgage amortization by a few years, or refinance your car loan, but hey, this is going to be your forever home, it's worth it!

3.Parents, Enroll Your Kids In As Many Extracurricular Activities

Your kids have big league talent that needs to be nurtured. And if you aren't going to give them the opportunity, then you'll be watching their friends excel as your child sits on the sidelines. So don't close any doors to them. Swimming, music lessons, dance, gymnastics, baseball, football. But wait, it gets better. You'll have an opportunity to spend additional money on skill development camps, or elite level programs. Bring it on! Trust me, your kids will love the over-stimulation, and you'll never have to worry about an 'emergency fund'!

4.Own More Than One Vehicle

First of all, make sure that you own at least one car for every driver living in your home. When your teenage son or daughter gets their license, it's a prime opportunity to help them with the purchase of their first car.Second, make sure you always buy new vehicles. This will give you the peace of mind of having a full warranty. Thirdly, and perhaps most important, make sure that one of your vehicles is a pickup truck.

5.Anyone want an iPhone?

And as soon as Apple or Samsung release a new model, remember that you will need to upgrade, whether or not your current phone is functioning perfectly. Oh, and don't forget your 13-year old. They will also need their own smartphone. After all, you're a good parent, you're looking out for their safety, and it's the only way to keep tabs on them.

6.Never Buy Used

The best way to avoid buying used is to leave things to the last minute. When you're pressured for time, it's always more convenient to head to the nearest store to find what you're looking for.

7.Dine Out Often

Look for every opportunity to eat out at restaurants. Depending on the size of family you have, a couple of restaurant meals will rival the cost of an entire weeks worth of groceries. Think about that. Two meals in a restaurant versus 21 meals at prepared at home. This one is a bit of a stealth spend though. You probably won't realize how effectively dining out is killing your bank account, then all of the sudden, 'poof', your money is gone. It adds up quick

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