European Union considers option to blacklist Hezbollah military wing

By IVCPOST Staff Reporter

Jul 27, 2013 02:45 AM EDT

Britain is persuading its European Union peers to blacklist the military wing of Hezbollah. The EU is looking into the details regarding the proposal of Britain. The suggestion came after a major policy reversal that was fuelled by concerns over the activities of the militant movement in Europe.

Britain cited evidence that the Shi'ite Muslim group's military wing was behind the deadly bus bombing that happened in Bulgaria last year. Until recently, the European Union resisted from the pressure from Israel and Washington to ban Hezbollah, saying that the action might further fuel the instability in Lebanon and add tension in the Middle East. Opposition to the move is now fading.

"There are still reservations, but we are moving towards what could be a decision on the possible listing," a senior EU official said. "The number of member states which have difficulties with a possible decision has been slowly diminishing."

The blacklisting for the military wing could result to the freezing of assets in the 28-nation bloc. Britain, along with France and Netherlands, argued that the Hezbollah involvement in the Syrian war means that Lebanon is now in a fragile situation and that they EU must prepare for any possibility of attacks in Europe.

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