Speed Racer, The Movie Hailed As The Best Game Of The Year

By Reina Ilagan

Nov 24, 2016 04:55 AM EST

Almost every end of the holiday season, various websites tag stale games with praises without having clearly set what actually can be defined as "Game of the Year."

So Geek.com creates a new column to acknowledge worthy alternative picks for the real "Game of the Year." Regardless of the genre, platform, date of release of quality, any game can be branded as the year's greatest game.

The 2008 film "Speed Racer" expands what an adaptation could be. It expands how time and space can tell a story visually. Being a fifth-dimensional cubist painting of a moving picture, its appeal to a growing number of people can attest to its characteristics worthy to be called one of the greatest films of the 21st century.

Speed Racer is a movie made by beings who live in a weird dimension - a realm that exists in all points of time at once, much like the ending of the "Interstellar" movie.

It was recognized by critics as one of the avant-garde kid's movies of all time. It smoothly transitions between scenes and character interactions. It seamlessly links together a story as enthralling as the impossible architecture of the racetracks.

Another argument for "Speed Racer" as game of the year is the visual experience it creates. Speed steps out in a hyper-saturated crayon drawing of a park. Every environment is bright and shiny.

The cars travel at incredibly unreal speeds and constantly flip and spin around. They use high-tech equipment like bubble-based ejection systems. The only break the dreamy feel is the occasional intrusion from the real world.

Although Speed Racer the movie is considered as a living cartoon, Speed Racer is a real movie with real stakes and characters. But credit should also be given to the amazing actors who really bring "Speed Racer" together.

The movie also has an overall multicultural vibe, with Asians and Africans and international locales and racers and announcers.

With its overall artistic appeal and creative fusion of visuals and story, Geek.com hails "Speed Racer" as an absolute Game of the Year.

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