iPhone 8 Versus iPhone 7: What is the Real Score?

November 14
6:00 AM 2016

Leaks and some reports are widely spreading about the 2017 Apple release of iPhone 8.

It is known that next year will mark the 1-th Anniversary of Apple. More so, the release of iPhone 8 and a rumour of another exciting device is wrapping up the decade of Apple in business.

What can we expect for iPhone 8? Here are the details.

iPhone 8 vs. iPhone 7 - Design

Early rumors on the iPhone 8 suggest that Apple may completely redesign the smartphone for release next year. Despite the iconic nature of the iPhone design, this is probably overdue, with recent iPhone releases having been rather similar.

In order to fulfil this remit, Apple may consider slimming down the bezels included in the iPhone 8. Some of the more radical suggestions have indicated that Apple could completely eliminate bezels from the device, producing an edge-to-edge display.

Apple could remove the Home button from the iPhone 8 and rely on touch-based functionality instead. There have also been reports suggesting that Apple could consider switching to non-aluminum casing when the iPhone 8 is released. Ming-Chi Kuo, the infamous analyst with KGI securities, is among the sources that have suggested this.

Meanwhile, president of display firm Sharp, Tai Jeng-wu, also an executive of Foxconn, recently made a speech to students at Tatung University, in which he suggested that switching to OLED is essential for Apple to halt declining sales. He described the situation as "a crisis, but also also an opportunity".


Apple could do away with the traditional LCD display when the iPhone 8 is released, finally switching to the OLED technology which has been linked with the range in recent years. This screen technology has proved particularly popular in Samsung Galaxy devices, and it is possible that the Korean corporation will even be enlisted to provide OLED displays for the iPhone 8.

These reports solidified recently, with Apple Insider noting that the multinational banking and financial services giant J.P. Morgan had uncovered some interesting information on this matter. J.P. Morgan apparently discovered a leaked purchase order for $4 billion, coinciding with a similar order uncovered in the third quarter, believed to be related to Apple outsourcing panels from Samsung in order to deliver OLED in the iPhone 8.

Wireless and super-fast charging

Apple has yet to support wireless charging in the iPhone range, but this is expected to alter when the iPhone 8 is released. Reports have been multiplying which suggest that Apple will finally introduce a wireless charging system in the iPhone 8 generation, and that the corporation has also been working on ultra-fast charging technology in order to ensure that this is more convenient for consumers.

It is notable that the iPhone 7 Plus requires 3 hours and 30 minutes to fully charge, considered a lengthy period in comparison to competitors such as the Pixel XL and the Galaxy S7 Edge. Apple may utilize both software and hardware improvements in order to close the gap, and even supersede, competitors.

USB Type-C

The overwhelming likelihood is that Apple will introduce USB Type-C with the iPhone 8, ensuring that the device is on par with numerous rival devices. The iPhone 7 featured conventional USB connectors.


Apple has somewhat concentrated on camera upgrades in recent iPhone releases, and this is expected to continue when the iPhone 8 is released. Perhaps central to this process will be the inclusion of a dual-lens snapper in all iPhone 8 devices.

The California corporation is also likely to bump up the megapixel rating of the camera, and could even consider some of the more outlandish suggestions from the past, such as a DSLR lens or the unique periscope design which has been linked with the iPhone series.

What is certain is that the photographic capabilities of the iPhone 8 will be improved over the previous generation device. This is considered increasingly essential in the smartphone niche, and one way that manufacturers can particularly set aside new releases from previous generations.

Processor and RAM

We can expect the iPhone 8 to include 3GB of RAM when it is released, improving on the 2GB included in the iPhone 7. Apple had previously claimed that the A10 processor included in the iPhone 7 was the most powerful chip ever utilized by a smartphone. But the next generation processor will further update the iPhone concept, with the iPhone 8 likely to include the first ever true quad-core processor in Apple smartphone history.


Apple has placed a particular emphasis on customization options in recent device releases, and this is expected to extend to the iPhone 8 when it hits the stores next year. Central to this process will be the introduction of new colors, with a Deep Blue color option particularly mooted. Apple introduced two new colors for the iPhone 7, Jet Black and Black, So Apple may once again choose to make two new iPhone colors available in 2017. Alongside the Deep Blue, we could see some of the color schemes utilized in the Apple Watch range made available for iPhone users.


Another recent report has suggested that Apple will introduce a 5-inch iPhone 8 model in 2017, as the company continues to diversify its key product range in order to meet consumer demand. This would mean that there would be four separate iPhone models available on the market, with 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch standard iPhone 8 units accompanied by the 4-inch iPhone SE released earlier this year.

iPhone X

Finally, a few reports have rather outlandishly suggested that Apple could decide to brand the iPhone 8 as the iPhone X, to acknowledge the tenth anniversary of the iPhone range. An unlikely nation, but one to keep an eye on as the release date of the device nears.

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