Exit the Windows, bite the Apple - Analysts

By IVCPOST Staff Reporter

Jul 25, 2013 11:20 AM EDT

Analysts believe that now would be the perfect time to exit Microsoft and take a bite at the golden Apple.

The tech sector was likened to a roller coaster ride by observers this week. Tech titan Microsoft nosedived in the past few days, mainly due to its admission of defeat in the tablet wars. The company issued a US$900 charge to its Surface enterprise, prompting investors to think about their future moves with the company.

On the flip side, Apple reported numbers which overwhelmed previous expectations. Investors cleared previous doubts brought about by gloomy estimates. Sales of the iPhone were beyond the estimates, and shares are rallying tremendously in the past trade closes.

Analysts predict that Microsoft will eventually fall due to its extremely limited enterprise device. Tech observers believe that the end is near for the dominating Windows operating system, and Microsoft has no backup plan as of the moment.

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