Is Chromecast a way to get YouTube in your TV?

By IVCPOST Staff Reporter

Jul 25, 2013 11:09 AM EDT

Google recently launched Chromecast. It is "a tiny, inexpensive device that plugs directly into high-definition television sets and streams video and other digital content from mobile devices."

It seemed clear that the "little guy" will play a big role in Google's objectives and strategy. Specifically, Chromecast was a way to get Google's own video content, that is YouTube, in front of consumers.

"One of the key things is engagement: How long people watch - because how long they watch translates into how many ads they see," said Chief Analyst for NScreenMedia, Colin Dixon. "If you put people in the sit-back environment of their living room, with a television, they're just going to watch more," Dixon added.

When people watch more videos, potential revenue from advertising goes up as well. "YouTube gets really hard to ignore if it really is on every screen. And the TV is perhaps the last unconquered screen for YouTube," Dixon said. 

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