TwinRock Partners Divulge New Canadian Real Estate Investment

By kleyraustria

Oct 26, 2016 06:00 AM EDT

Investment management firm TwinRock Partners, which is providing best-in-class services, is in the final stages of investor funding for Rock Fund VII. The fund will acquire and rent real estate in select Canadian markets that TwinRock Partners Co-Founder and Chief Executive Alex Philips has identified as "distressed" due to economic factors including low oil prices, an oversupplied market with more scheduled inventory in the pipeline, falling rents and a weak Canadian dollar. He has also assessed U.S. market drivers, including the upcoming election, to determine optimal timing for investing up north.

TwinRock Partners has invested nearly $750 million in real estate with high net-worth, ultra-high net-worth, family offices and institutional partners. As a leading private investment firm, TwinRock's portfolios have consistently produced above-average returns.

"We are seven and a half years into a bull market, and it's only a matter of time before U.S. markets correct themselves," Philips said. "Right now, real estate prices have hit a peak, and we're all distracted by Presidential politics. It's entertaining! But there will be a come-to-reality point, and once the dust settles after election season, I believe the economy is headed for a correction."

Philips and Co-Founder Michael Meyer brought together more than 50 years of diverse investment experience to incorporate TwinRock Partners in 2006. Since then, they have experienced great success employing their "contrarian investment strategy" in distressed American and international markets following the subprime mortgage crisis.

Rock Fund VII aims to target similar investment opportunities in under-valued areas of Canada, particularly office and multifamily buildings in the cities of Calgary and Edmonton in Alberta. The fund is open to investors on two levels: Rock Fund VII-A is designed for Reg A+ investors starting at a $1,000 minimum, and the corresponding Rock Fund VII-B is available to accredited investors.

"Since the window of opportunity in this region is narrow, we are jumping in at just the right time," Philips said. "Vacancy is high, rents are low, and the distressed prices leave room for tremendous returns when the market stabilizes. With our proactive management and aggressive marketing and leasing strategies, we can improve property performance to fully capitalize on future growth."

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