DeAndre Levy Talks Beyond Fund-Raising Drive

By mdkg1116

Oct 24, 2016 06:00 AM EDT

Lions' linebacker DeAndre Levy expresses his thoughts in the Free Press about football and life during the season.

A fund-raising effort that Levy been working on with Detroit Hustles Harder to raise money for Detroit's Enough SAID had raised about $30,000 so far as they were heading into the last week of October and on the last week of its issue.

The support that they received from the people were all appreciated, whether on a donation, purchasing a T-shirt or offering a critique on how to make the conversation more impactful.

Levy said that he hopes that over this month and on the conversation will continue. It is more than ever clear to him that they are essential. He pointed out that he has heard and has read the ideas of some people that he thinks are worthy to share of.

As to why do they only extend respect to a woman based on her relationship to another person, Levy said it is simply because a woman takes her role as a wife, mother, daughter and etc. However, aside from all that, she is a person who deserves respect and freedom from violence.

With regards to the Republican presidential nominee's locker room talk which comments were troubling, for Levy no matter what political affiliation, unfortunately he is not the only man to have held those conviction. It is just as significant to hold other men liable for their comments and actions. As well as to question and correct our own words and actions, we should be responsible for it as men.

Domestic violence does not only pertains to violence between partners. Violence can be experienced by children as witnesses to violence at home and as direct recipients. It can have long-lasting, harmful effects on their well-being, quality of life and relationships emotionally and mentally.

Sexual assault is manifested and expresses in many ways, it is not just women's issue. It is "our" issue and we need to engage ourselves in conversations about the culture that supports it.

Please help us finish out the month strong, and spread the word, urged Levy.

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