Medical Marijuana Passes Pennsylvania Bill, Ohio Might Be Next

By Staff Writer

Apr 14, 2016 10:53 PM EDT

When it comes to legalization of medical marijuana, Pennsylvania would be the latest and the 24th state to get benefited. On Wednesday, the Legislature sent the governor a bill after parents of suffering children gathered in the Capitol persuading lawmakers to act. The herbal cannabis will treat people suffering from several different ailments, diseases and terminal illnesses.

It was almost two years since 2014 that the state Senate first approved a medical marijuana bill. Gov. Tom Wolf said that he will sign the bill on Sunday.  The issue has been propelled by parents who have faith in marijuana oil extract which could help alleviate the everyday seizures of their children.  Some parents worried that the next seizure could be fatal and made countless travels to the Capitol for their case to be addressed, abc News reported.   

A vote of 149-46 appeared after a long hour of debate in the Republican-controlled House. Once Gov. Wolf signed the bill into law, Pennsylvania's Medical Marijuana Act will create fee, taxing, permitting, policing, regulatory and research systems to trace the growth, transport and dispensing of marijuana with a prescription from medical professionals.

Before a patient can get a 30-day prescription for specific medical conditions or at least lessen the suffering of the terminally sick, i would be about two years to set up the regulatory and growing process, according to a report from The Morning Call.

According to The Washington Times report, patients must seek certification from a registered physician with the Department of Health and should have a valid I.D. issued by the department with their name, address and DOB. Medical marijuana can only be dispensed as a pill, oil, tincture or liquid, or a gel, cream or ointment if in a topical form or in a form that is appropriate for nebulization or vaporization. Up to 25 growers and processors only and as many as 50 dispensaries will be  granted license by the state, where each could operate in three locations.  

Meanwhile, in Ohio, lawmakers pledged the legalization of marijuana by the summer, getting ahead of the election before voters decided to ballot questions.

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