LinkSys Introduced Cluster Solution to Manage Multiple Wireless Networks

By Staff Writer

Mar 31, 2016 09:30 AM EDT

LinkSys is a well-known network solution provide for home and small business. The company recently launched its new manageable wireless network solution that offer simplicity to handle up to 16 nodes from one control point.

Nowadays wireless network solution has become a necessity for almost every business sector. Coffee shops, book store and many business now install wireless network in their premise to provide Internet access. 

Nevertheless, managing multiple wireless network can be a really tedious job. Therefore a simple solution is needed for business to manage their multiple access points (AP) with ease. LinkSys has come up with a solution with its Wireless Access Point Cluster to easily manage multiple APs.

In its official press release, Linksys introduced its Wireless Access Point Cluster solution. The solution is designed for small businesses, providing a simple, affordable solution to manage multiple access points efficiently.

With the cluster solution, businesses can manage up to 16 access points easily. Its network administrator will also be able to view, deploy, configure and secure the wireless networks as a single entity, instead of a series of separate wireless devices.

Director of Commercial Networking at Linksys Nandan Kalle explained the idea behing the cluster, "Our customer focus guides product development, helping to ensure that we continue to deliver quality products purpose-built for small businesses." Compared to WLAN controllers, the solution is simple and easy to deploy for companies that currently operate multiple wireless networks.

"WLAN controllers are expensive and over-engineered with unnecessary functionality that small businesses don't need. The Linksys portfolio of APs provides the right feature set that small businesses need to run a productive business environment at an affordable price point," Kalle said further.

According to Small Business Trends, WLAN controllers with utilize cloud services to carry out the wireless network expansion is considered expensive for the vast majority of businesses. While using this clustering features, users can easily manage core functionality in their wireless networks without additional investment in hardware or services.

The clustering solutions offer several advantages as PR Newswire reported. Some of them are automatic configuration to synchronize changes to all APs, single view of status in all access points. Other features are dynamic channel management to monitor network traffic congestion on each wireless channel, and consolidated view of each users sessions which enable administrator to monitor the health of all wireless connections.

As a leader of network solution for home and small business, LinkSys introduced low-cost solution to manage multiple wireless networks seamlessly. Its access point clustering solution enable users to manage up to 16 access points from single control with no additional hardware of software investment.

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