Apple’s Latest iPhone 6s Ad Presents Cookie Monster

By Staff Writer

Mar 17, 2016 02:36 AM EDT

Apple has launched its latest iPhone 6s advertisement with none other than Cookie Monster himself.   The Sesame Street cookie eater demonstrates Siri's features where he requested to set a kitchen timer for the cookies and ask to play music while waiting for the delectable cookies to get done.

Lately, the company has been replicating the hands-free features of Siri in a series of short ads having basketball star Steph Curry and Jamie Foxx to select features that customers could be already familiar with already. Siri is capable of doing much more but it cannot speed up time, says The Verge.

The A9 processor and M9 motion co-processor enables Siri to ceaselessly listen for the "Hey Siri" command without requiring to be plugged into power.  "Hey Siri" command is available on older devices provided that the iOS device is charging.

Previous  iPhone 6s advertising features starts from Live Photos to 3D Touch that starred Jamie Foxx and Stephen Curry to name a few. This is the first time that Apple chose a different character instead of an athlete or actor to star in its latest ad in a humorous and entertaining way, according to MacRumors.

9to5mac noted that in the new smartphone ad, Siri understands exactly Cookie Monster's unique accent, setting timers, playing music playlists and a lot more.  A bigger part of the ad shows the blue cookie-munching eater muddles with kitchen utensils while impatiently waiting for the cookies to get baked.

Apple's latest advertising is called "Timer" and features Cookie Monster requesting Siri sets a timer and play music to fill in his time while waiting for the cookies to get ready. Siri often makes a lot of effort understanding several foreign accents and it's little hard to believe that Siri was able to understand Cookie Monster's requests.

Watching the comedic ad could not only make you smile but will make you laugh as well because of the silly behavior of Cookie Monster while waiting for his cookies to get done. Watch the final seconds of the ad and you'll find that 6 is the number of the day and letter "S" as reference to Sesame Street. 

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