Miller's use of amphetamines and steroids may cost him US$860,812

By IVCPOST Staff Reporter

Jul 23, 2013 08:06 AM EDT

Denver Broncos' Von Miller was dealing with a four-game suspension after the reported violation of NFL's policy on substance-abuse.

According to a report made by Denver Post, in 2011, Miller used amphetamines and steroids. Under NFL's rules, the Pro Bowl linebacker needed to test positive for the drugs twice. He would be suspended in four games if it was proven that he used the banned substances.

"He's a different guy, but I never thought he would risk his career. Gotta help him bounce back now. Can't turn my back on him. Disappointed yet concerned about the man. Still love him, though," a Broncos player who declined to be named stated through a text for ESPN.

If the suspension stands, Broncos would have the chance to go after 1/16th of Miller's signing bonus. This would be equivalent to US$860,812.

Every year, the total expenses of drug abuse and addiction was around US$524 billion. Predominantly, the use of illegal drugs accounted for U$181 billion in crime, drug enforcement, health care, imprisonment and productivity loss.

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