Merkel Calls European Countries For Reopening Borders To Rescue Greece

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Feb 29, 2016 07:42 AM EST

Angela Merkel on Sunday has termed the actions of protesters shouting abuse at a bus full of migrants, as repulsive and unjustifiable. The German chancellor also adds saying Europe cannot allow Greece to fall into chaos.

On February 18, around hundred people have tried to block migrants from entering a shelter in the eastern village of Clausnitz. The incident has prompted concerns for growing extremism in Germany. The number of far right attacks has been increased significantly over the past year following asylum seeking from a million of migrants, reports Yahoo News.

Merkel witnesses a polarization in German society while legitimizing her decision in September keeping the country's borders open to migrants. The Chancellor has however, pledged her commitment to convince the naysayers in due course.

Merkel's center right party is facing its first electoral test in March 13 since the surge of migrants initiated. Voters will elect new regional parliaments in three of Germany's 16 states.

Merkel government is working to solve the problems causing people to flee to Europe. However, she urges the people coming to Germany for abiding laws referring a devastating sexual assault incident in Cologne at New Year.

Meanwhile, Greece has been witnessing tremendous pressure from the influx of refugees. Tens of thousands of migrants have been stranded in Greece since neighboring nations continue refusing to reopen their borders.  European Union officials describe the situation as impeding humanitarian crisis, according to a report published in Time.

Around 22,000 migrants and refugees have intruded Greece during the past ten days. The trapped population may reach 50,000 to 70,000 during the coming month, projects Reuters quoting Yannis Mouzalas, the migration minister of Greece.

NATO envoys have set out a plan to stem the influx of refugees in last week aiming at implementing an EU accord with Turkey. Mouzalas expects, implementation of the plan will reduce the inflow by around 70% while opines negative for complete restriction on migration.

Greece has sought emergency financial assistance from Europe to tackle the unprecedented crisis testing the country's limit, adds Mouzalas. However, he hasn't provided details on the amount requested. Athens has asked for tents, blankets, sleeping bags, transport vehicles and ambulances.

Greece has asked Europe for additional funding to cope with the bottleneck situation. German Chancellor Angela Merkel has encouraged other EU leaders to support Greece rather than quarantine it. Merkel has defended the mounting criticism over her refusal to cap the number of migrants entering the country.

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