Iran Nuclear Sanctions Lifted: Air France and KLM Are Ready to Reinstate Direct Flights to Iran

By Staff Writer

Jan 29, 2016 06:35 AM EST

Several European airlines, including Air France and Royal Dutch Airlines (KLM), announced that they are ready to resume direct flights to Tehran, Iran. Previously, European airlines agreed to stop their flights to Iran after the U.S imposed nuclear sanctions to the country. 

Air France and KLM have already submitted their application to restore direct flights to Iran. After the application is processed, both the European airlines will start flying to and from Tehran in the next three months.

Besides Air France and KLM, British Airways has also stated that they are ready to reinstate flights between London and Tehran within the next two months, according to Sputnik News. Direct flights between the U.K and Iran has been suspended for more than five years.

Similar news also came from Iran aviation. Iran announced that it is considering direct flights to the U.S. The U.S is among the first countries to ban its airlines from flying to Iran. According to abcNews, direct flights between Iran and the U.S has stopped for 36 years after Iranian attacked the U.S Embassy in Tehran in 1979. The attack also ended all diplomatic relations between the two countries.

Iran even planned to buy new airplanes from Europe, as well as the U.S. Iranian officials are considering to buy 114 airplanes from European consortium Airbus, and also from Boeing, an American aircraft manufacturer. 

Haaretz reported the statement from Foreign Ministry spokesman Jaber Ansari on the progress of the plan. "The matter is currently being examined, and the result of the negotiations will be announced at the appropriate time," Ansari said. 

Earlier this month, UN, EU, and the U.S has lifted sanctions against Iran regarding their nuclear ambitions. The international sanctions were dismissed after Iran was confirmed to have complied with the agreement proposed by the international forum to prevent the country from developing nuclear weapons.

Now that the sanctions have been lifted, Iran can resume selling oil on international markets. Iran has the fourth largest oil reserves on the planet and oil trade has been one of the country's main revenue. Iran can also now use global financial trade system. In addition to that, the country also received back their frozen assets overseas worth more than $100 billion.

The returning of direct flights between Iran and European countries and probably the U.S is seen as a pleasant improvement in the relationship between countries, especially for Iranian who live in Europe or the U.S. The plan is now working on progress and will be put into action in the next few months. 

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