Angelsense, An App That Tracks The Location Of Your Autistic Child Ensuring More Safety

January 27
9:01 PM 2016

Parents who have children with autism can now feel more relieved with an application that enables to find out where their children are. The application, which called Angelsense, has certain features that ease location tracking for autistic children.

Angelsense is not a new device. However, according to Mashable, it has a new feature that can be used in emergency conditions. The First Responder Alert feature will ping parents showing their children position. It will also tell parents the distance between their current locations and their children locations. Parents will get ideas how long it will take to get there.

Doron Somer and Nery Ben-Azar are the ones who have developed this wearable GPS tracking and alert system. Both of them own autistic children and had been looking for devices or applications to track their children more effectively.

The small device is a sensor-filled box in a rectangular shape, which can be easily put in a pocket or attached to clothes through the internal magnet. Angelsense works by collecting data of the targeted location every 10 seconds. It can alert parents when it senses the children's devices are shifting by sending texts. There is also a microphone completed the device that is very useful for parents to listen to the location situation. It has a battery, which can last for 12 to 14 hours.

This application is very crucial to keep children with autism safe. The American Academy of Pediatrics, as mentioned in Upworthy, stated that one of the major concerns for children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is wandering off. There has not been any cure for this disorder. According to some studies, nearly 50 percent of family with ASD children informed that their autistic kids wandered off one time when they were 4 to 17.

Unfortunately, such cases often do not end as expected. Based on the National Autism Association, there were 32 deaths from the wandering off cases, which involved hypothermia, drowning, and walking in the traffic.

In the launching of the First Responder Alert, Doron said, "We have made it our mission to prevent, or at the very least limit, the potentially disastrous effects of this behavior. During an emergency, every minute is crucial, and the first hour is often critical in determining if the child will be found."

From the Angelsense website, the application is said to be "Incredibly Accurate & Active Alerting Solution." The GPS tracker technology uses potent-data analytics to discover the missing children with ASD.   

Angelsense application is very helpful and effective for parents who have autistic kids with its automatic geofencing of the child's locations, accurate exit alerts and early warnings, and location updates, also by text messages.

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