Again, Hoverboard Burst into Fire while Riding on

January 18
9:48 PM 2016

Those self-balancing scooters that everyone's calling 'hoverboard' don't actually hover. But that is not the strangest thing about them. That would be the fact that this year is most popular holiday gift keeps catching fire.

The fire have started in all sorts of different circumstances. Some of the gadget explode while charging, other while riding, and one while it was simply sitting. The culprit is Lithium-ion batteries. Such widely used batteries, the workhorse in consumer electronic, have also cause fire in electric cars and cargo plane. Because of their overheating risk, companies and the U.S. government have recalled thousand of batteries used in cameras, laptop, tablet, cordless tools, end even winter jacket.

As quoted on The Guardian, Hoverboard do not have to be a fire risk but poorly made clones are being pump out of Chinese factories and flooding the market. Safety fears have caused hoverboard stock to be impounded at UK ports, and warning from trading standards, consumer groups and the Australian government. They are also illegal to ride on public pavement or roads within UK, and parts of the US, including New York

An accident as reported by Mashable, add to a long list burned hoverboard. Hoverboard owner Kevin MacLeod says he charged his brand new hoverboard overnight and takes it outside and tries  to ride the device it erupts into flames. It happens dangerously fast, giving MacLeod barely enough time to escape being scorched by fire.

"No wonder you are not allowed to bring them on airplane," says MacLeod.

For this highly risk, the United States' three major airlines banned the devices from both checked and carry-on luggage, citing the risk of fires. Smaller carriers like Spirit Air, Allegiant and Virgin America also banned the boards.

As reported on National Geographic, Stanford University researchers may have solution. They say they've developed the first lithium-ion battery that will shut down before overheating and will restart immediately when the temperature cools.

"The potential for mass production is quite high," says co-author Zhenan Bao, a professor of chemical engineering, noting that the most of the material involved are inexpensive plastic and nickel. She says their battery restarts without losing efficiency.

Hundreds of million of lithium-ion batteries are made annually, and very few cause melting, fire, or explosion. But some are linked to high-profile accidents. Those in the new popular hoverboard have been blamed for setting several house ablaze and burning down.

While a safer battery may be on the way, entrepreneurs aren't just waiting. They are taking other steps to avoid battery fires.

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