Apple will build a tool to transfer data to Android

By Staff Writer

Jan 10, 2016 11:18 PM EST

Apple users who have been looking for a way to transfer to Android might not have to wait much longer as the company is reported to have been building a new tool. The tool, according to a source will help Apple users to transfer its data to Android phone soon.

A source told The Telegraph that Apple has privately agreed to develop the tool and according to the source, for starters, among data that could be transferred include contacts, music, and photos.

According to Venture Beat, although there is no confirmation yet by Apple, the new tool was reportedly being built by the company due to pressure from mobile carriers. Mobile carriers have been facing lots of issues to attract more new customers as lots of their customers who has been using iPhone could not easily make a switch to Android when they offer new promotion.

Mobile carriers also would like Apple to build the tool as it will give them a better advantage when doing a commercial negotiation with the technology giant as the company holds the strongest card in the iPhone market.

Previously, and European Commission had sent out questionnaires asking mobile carriers regarding a potential onerous commercial terms imposed by Apple. However, the feedback gathered by the commission is too weak that the case has been dropped.

The European Commission is concern regarding the problem as it is putting Apple in a dominant role giving the company an unfair advantage as it is forcing mobile carriers to keep on stocking iOS only to meet the demand as reported by Forbes.

Apple had built and launch a similar tool to help users transfer from Android to Apple last year. Among the data that apps created includes Move to iOS, Apple Music, and Beats Pill+. The poor development of such tool had caused a huge disappointment among users who then reviewed the app with just a one-star reviews.

The new plan by Apple could mean that the company is slowly opening up its ecosystem to others which is different from the strategy devised by the late Steve Jobs who wants to keep Apple's users in its ecosystem.

With the number of Apple users at its all-time high, lots of reviews are skeptical that Apple will be releasing the new tool soon. However, considering that the EU commission is always behind its tail, the company could not accept any investigation on them as it will be a time-consuming investigation and will put the company's strategy at risk.

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