'Summon' Enables Tesla S to Get Parked Autonomously Even In Squeezed Places

By Staff Writer

Jan 10, 2016 09:51 PM EST

Tesla has introduced updated software version 7.1 suitable for its models S and X that attributes a feature represented as 'Summon'. The software enables to park Tesla S cars to get parked in squeezed places without having to be inside it.

Beta operated Summon feature works from a distance up to 39 feet. This means the Model S will be moved up to that distance or until the sensors detect an obstacle. Appearance of obstacle is interpreted in the software as completion of parking. In this connection, Tesla advises to use the Summon feature only on flat surfaces and on private property, reports BGR.

The beta software needs to just lining up the car behind the garage door and pressing and holding the center button on the key. Once the hazard lights start flashing, further clicking the trunk button leads the car to drive forward into the open spot spontaneously. The car even automatically opens or closes Home Link-equipped garage doors. Notably mentioning, the car can only drive forward in Summon mode.

Autopilot has been introduced back in October via update 7.0. The recently introduced update 7.1 is designed to lock auto steer in case of driving through residential roads or streets without having a central driver.  The software also restricts any speeds more than 5 MPH (8KmPH) over the limit, reports The Verge.

Roads or streets in private properties are defined by Summon as those specially permitted by states for manufacturers to test self- driving vehicles. At present, general public are barred to use roads for driving autonomously. However, driving through parallel parking space by Summon will be available in future updates, reports ARS Technica.

Other enhancements in version 7.1 include enhanced autopilot visualization that allow the instrument panel of the car to digitally depict multiple vehicles in front of the car. The software is also capable of analyzing the type of vehicles parked ahead.

Update 7.1 also includes the features of collusion detection, automatic speed adjustments while cruising and exiting a highway. Ability to open or shut down garage doors automatically, granular control over the unlocking system, auto brightness enhancements, supercharger availability, improving trip planning and other features have been added to the updated version.

Tesla S cars have been recently equipped with beta software update version 7.1. The previous version 7.0 has reportedly encountered some shortcomings. The new version, called Summon is capable of parking the car in a squeezed space without having a central driver. But still the software requires further development since it can park the vehicle only in perpendicular places.

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