Thinner, Future Apple Handsets Will Glitter With Borrowed Technologies

By Staff Writer

Jan 08, 2016 09:37 PM EST

Apple is probably going to kill off the headphone socket and introduces wireless charging on its upcoming iPhone models that is either in iPhone 6C (rumored to get launch in March) or iPhone 7 and 7 plus. The move reportedly aims to get rid of the 3.5mm headphone jack apparently in a bid to make the handsets thinner.

The Company is set to swap the traditional headphone jack and instead send sound through the lightning port. This is mostly used for charging now. This process will make the phone even thinner than normal followed by changes in design, reports The Verge qouting Fast Company, a business analyzer.

Apple is believed to working on inserting new noise-canceling features to the audio chipset with Cirrus Logic. The latter is known to be the tech giant's audio chip partner and collaborates in removing out background noise with the new Lightning headphones.

As per the rumors, the iPad and iPhone maker is going to include Wolfson Microelectronics, a new noise-cancelling technology made by a UK company. The technology will allow the phone and headphones to work together removing background noise while listening to music and making phone calls, according to a report published in the Independent.

Alongside adopting changing to the headphone, the phone will also be waterproof and able to charge wirelessly, but all of these have been analyzed as borrowed technologies from its competitors. More reports suggest the yet-to-be-announced iPhone will feature a single, multipurpose lightning port that will act both as a headphone port and charger, reports Mail Online.

Through introducing the new features, Apple is believed to offer three modes for listening music. Firstly, through plugless Bluetooth headphones, secondly headphones plugging straight to the lightning port. And thirdly, Apple made adapter that will allow people to plug their traditional headphones into the phone's lightning port.

Apple's probable move apparently comes in line with the two most requested calls for introducing wireless charging and waterproofing. However, the most requested iPhone feature is improved battery life which presently compels apple to appear with bigger handsets.

The iPhone 7 is expected to go into full production in the coming months. It is likely to be released in September or October. Apple's next phone release may be the iPhone 6c, which has been rumored to be launching in March.

Apple, the iPhone and iPad introducer is going to adopt changes in headphone charging point, in a bid to getting slimmer. If the rumors get true, Apple will apparently bypass responding to customer's call for improving battery life. Separate headphone charging point is analyzed to consume very meager space compared to space occupied by iPhone's traditional bigger battery.



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