Vikings Season 4 to Premiere by March 2016; Travis Fimmel's Ragnar The Great To Meet New Love and Death

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Dec 04, 2015 05:31 PM EST

King Ragnar Lothbrok of Denmark will face real death in the fourth season of History Channel's Vikings. New Vikings to introduce Ragnar's new love Yidu. Time setting of the series to accelerate forward.

Ragnar the Great will return for the last in Season 4 of the hit historical fictional series Vikings. Considered as the greatest Norse warrior, King Ragnar Lothbrok's health will continue to suffer and Season 4 will show how weak he has become.

Master Herald recently published Ragnar's dying state will lead to death and give way to Ragnar's successor Bjorn Ironside. Travis Fimmel is to exit the series to strive his blossoming career in Hollywood. In addition, the actor is also busy with his latest film, Warcraft, which is believed to be his ladder to stardom. Though Ragnar is the main protagonist of the series, the actor stated that younger and more powerful characters will emerge and deserves the helm.

Day Herald reported that Vikings Season 4 will see the rise of Ragnar's first son Bjorn Ironside (Alexander Ludwig) as the heir of the throne. The spoiler teased that after Ragnar's death, newly crowned Bjorn will fast track to several years forward. There are many who will object to Bjorn's inheriting the crown, including younger brother Ivar The Boneless and Ragnar's younger brother Rollo (Clive Standen).

In an interview of The Hollywood Reporter with Viking's showrunner Michael Hirst, Hirst suggested that Bjorn is the only trusted ally of Ragnar. The eldest son of the warrior has no political intentions or whatsoever, making him an honest candidate. Additionally, Bjorn is almost similar in traits and personality to his father. Hirst commented that Bjorn may even be a greater leader than his father Ragnar.

Vikings Season 4 will acquaint viewers to new characters including Yidu, who will be played by Dianne Doan, who is said to have a special place in Ragnar's heart in the coming season.

Vikings Season 4 is speculated to air sometime in March 2016 at History Channel.

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