Hydration products manufacturer closes US $2.3 million after financing round

By IVCPOST Staff Reporter

Jul 12, 2013 01:07 PM EDT

Drip Drop Inc., maker of hydration products, raised another $2.3 million from investors led by Pacific Advantage Capital nearly two weeks after closing $3 million from series A-1 financing round. The money will be used to finance personnel movement and expansion.

Drip Drop develops and distributes products to prevent dehydration among patients, soldiers and athletes, while also helping them achieve balance in their body's electrolyte levels and quickly replenish fluids. Its products leverage on the standards for oral rehydration therapy, which is not as extensively practiced in the US consumers who rely more on sugar-rich energy drinks for a much-needed boost.

The company already had marketing agreement with UCSF Medical Center and Stanford University Medical Center as well as the US Special Forces.

Drip Drop CEO Anne Kallin Zehren said the latest round of financing only reflects the investor interest into the company's potential. "It's absolutely rare to find a startup with such promise at such an early stage."

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